#9 Brendon James Goddard


Absolutely! Goes down in any/every contest. Let’s his opponent get goalside, tells someone else to roll on to his man after he’s already lost him and everyone ends up in no man’s…
I’ll put my hand up and say I’ve never really been a fan and that he’s shut me up at various times, but really don’t get the support for him this year. He is and has been a liability. His “brilliant kicking” (commentators) is often into dangerous spots and a good chance to be straight down the opposition throat, resulting in extremely painful turnovers.
He deserves thanks for past service, game next week, and goodbye…far later than it should have been.


The guy keeps appearing at the top of our GPS numbers. It’s the main dot point for keeping him. What are the other players doing?


We aren’t in the business of running marathons though. Doubt anyone is questioning his effort but his slide has been evident since last year, for anyone that chose to see.


Gps numbers mean fark all when you turn it over at crucial moments, lets get someone to run 20k in a game so we can say how great he is.


Stays on as a coach like Kelly I hope.
Teaches Redman (and others of course) as he is his logical replacement.
And Redman was very impressive before he got injured. Give the kid a preseason knowing its his spot to own.


so sad to see a champ look like a grandpa more and more each week


Anytime the ball hits the ground around him you can sense he is done in the contest and sure enough the opposition clear away with the ball towards goal.

Great servant, massive respect for his time at the club but one more season would be silly with him somehow appearing slower and slower week to week.


I’m a big fan of his. Steadied the ship during the saga. This should be his last full season. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a coaching capacity.


I have nothing personal against Goddard, call him Player A for all I care. If anyone at the club thinks he’s worthy of continuing to play in the seniors in 2019 then we are well and truly fked as a club with these people in charge.


He deserves a lot more respect than some of the flogs give him here.
Recruited to a club that bent over at every tough turn during the saga and he rightfully stood up for the club when it counted when others rolled over.
He makes mistakes like most footballers, but ■■■■ I hold him in higher regard for his efforts!
Next year is a discussion for him and our coaches at the end of the year.


Get a grip. Some champions know when it is time to go (eg Jobe). Goddard’s time came and went some time ago.


Pity they removed the Veterans list.


Damn I’m sick of hearing that we owe him because of the saga, ever person with any association to Essendon has been bent over from the saga.


May have sealed his fate with that inexcusable kick out unforced error.

Have no idea why any player just does not kick at least 30cm behind the line?


Doesn’t have many goals kicked on him either, I think 2 today.

The thing he’s lost is how early he picks it up in the air. He used to judge that so well.


The guy who had his last 3-4 years interrupted by calves and hammies?

and came back for a john farnham “one last time” tour where he could only kick 35m?

That guy… made the right call?


People who want Goddard to play on next year clearly have no idea about football. He’s costs us goals every week. Dare I say, we would have at least 2 more wins and be in the 8 if it wasn’t for his costly mistakes. Jog on Brendan.


Yep, he used to judge perfectly when to go third man up.

Now the majority of the times he does it he doesn’t impact the contest enough and the ball goes out the back.

The amount of times his opponent gets goal side of him at a contest is scary


BJ a true champion of the game and has been a fantastic ambassador for Essendon in its darkest years.

But father time has tapped him on the shoulder.


Needs to adjust to playing from behind more, or sides will really work him over the back in bulk.