#9 Brendon James Goddard


Players make mistakes like the overstepping of the goalsquare line regardless of age. That’s an innocent mistake. I’m more concerned with him losing his feet in contests, not making an impact when he is 3rd man in and has to kill the ball by either marking it or spoiling and clearing the danger. Feel like I’m on repeat here but the role he plays is the one that we have an over abundance of players who can fill it. The signs are there.

The past 5-6 weeks it has become far more obvious. Another season and he could really fall off the cliff and spend his finals days as a footballer in the VFL. BJ is too good for that. If the club did go up to him and tell him it’s time, it would be a very ruthless but correct call. I have absolute respect for him and how he’s embraced our club in his time here. But the end is nigh. That’s not making any disparaging remarks, it’s simply observation…


used to have 1 grandpa moment a game, we could handle that, now has about 5

looks weak on his feet, looks slow to react, even his good decision making has left him


He’s dying ?


Club should tell him now time is up ans offer him a farewell game against his old club same as what cooney had


Please join the coaching group in 2019.


When Goddard stepped over line you just knew the Hawks were going to score a goal from the stoppage.

I love ya BJ but please reitire




unfortunately Jobe was still our best midfielder (despite those injury issues). Can’t say the same for Goddard.


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Did you just disrespect wooshas purple pants plumbs


His body is no longer up to it, although the footy skills and mind is good


He needs to adjust to not playing anymore. I’ve rarely seen a player gets turned inside out so easily


Marty Gleeson should have Goddard’s spot in the back six when next year begins.
If Goddard wants to play on next year, we should see if we can convince him to end his career at another club.
GWS would be a great option for him. GC or Brisbane if he wants to consider assistant coaching once he’s finished.


Brendon Goddard says Hawks shootout wasn’t fun as Bombers slip from finals contention


August 4, 2018 8:38pm

IT’S a classic case of either looking at the glass half-full or half-empty.

As an Essendon playing group we felt we could not have performed much worse against Hawthorn when it came to playing the Bombers’ brand of football that had defined us over the past two months and delivered six wins from our previous seven games.

Our ball use was poor, our turnovers were costly and our forward pressure was well down.

A lot of the times we went inside 50 it felt like the Hawks rebounded it straight back out.

Across the four quarters we never got the game on our terms, except for two brief patches at the start of the first and third quarters.

It was a day the Bombers let one get away. Pic: AAP

Yet, as poorly as we played, at the final siren at the MCG the scoreboard showed we had only come up four points short.

We nearly found a way to win and that is a strong sign of maturity among this group.

The reality is you’re not going to be at your best every week, but you have to stick to the process and remain in the right mindset which we did — and it almost got us the result.

Take nothing away from Hawthorn — it did a good job and deservedly won the arm-wrestle.

But the fact is while the shootout — encompassing a 10-goal second quarter — might have proven a crowd pleaser it was certainly not the style of game we wanted to play.

I looked up at the scoreboard at one point and thought: “I bet everyone at home’s enjoying the game.”

But for us it wasn’t that enjoyable at all and as a defender it felt we had little time to set up the way we wanted behind the ball.

That doesn’t excuse some of our skill errors and blunders, one which I made as I overstepped the goal square line in the final term while kicking out.

What was it, 5cm over? I’m tipping a lot of those don’t get called but it happened and the fact is sport can be a game of centimetres at times.

Essendon coach John Worsfold with Brendon Goddard. Pic: AAP

The incident resulted in a Hawthorn goal, but it was one moment among 18 kick-ins on the day among 120 minutes of football.

We did not talk about the game being a mini-final as some others outside had but the loss certainly hurts.

We knew both consciously and subconsciously just how important a game it was for our September aspirations and we shot ourselves in the foot.

But while some will have written us off securing a finals spot, with three games to go — against St Kilda, Richmond and Port Adelaide — we have to keep our chins up.

The reality is that, while we have to keep winning, we’re still in a pretty good space.

As long as we remain mathematically still in the hunt we will keep fighting to win as we try to get back that Essendon brand of football out on the field and further develop it.

I have faith in this group both for the remainder of this year and beyond and, while there has been some tough times this season, I am still enjoying my football as much as ever.

Brendon Goddard will discuss his future in coming weeks. Pic: Getty Images

My determination to play on for a 17th season next year remains absolute and I will sit down with John Worsfold either this week or next to discuss that.

It’s now late in the season and my body still feels good physically, which is backed up by my GPS figures which have not shown any major drop off this year.

And mentally I’m still loving being out there and my passion for the game still burns strong.

The moment you stop enjoying it, particularly at my age, is the moment you should give it up because the game’s too ruthless, it doesn’t wait for anyone.

You get left behind if you’re not in that right mindset but I’m enjoying every minute.

As I’ve said all along, if either I or the club feels like I’m holding anyone back then it is what it is.

I’m here to help the footy club and no individual’s bigger than the club.

That is a conversation to be continued with John in the next fortnight, but my focus for now is on getting a win against St Kilda next Friday night and keeping this season alive.


Looks like worsfold will have to tap him on the shoulder then.


It’s like a self performance review,

A selling pitch aimed straight at Woosha. And he’s right.

15 games next year thanks BJ. (Plus finals of course, …)


It’s very sad that he appears to be in absolute genuine obliviousness to the fact he has become a liability and will only continue to do so.

Its amazing he can’t see the writing on the wall.

Kelly was retired last year and he was playing much better footy than goddard is this year


I’m also not sure goddard would make a good coach. I’m not doubting his football knowledge or game awareness. I’m just not sure he could deal with players who weren’t as obsessive as he is.


bit unfair
i have seen similar kick outs let go


Great player. Very good career buy srsly no way next year


How many players in our side have won a final? Made a Grand final?

As invaluable next September as Timmy Watson in 93.
He can easily go another season,. … just not every game.