#9 Brendon James Goddard


It’s not so much that he makes mistakes, it more so when he makes them.


Geez we’re going to continue with him and let Gleeson, Redman, Francis, Ridley etc go stale in the reserves in 2019.

Its time to move on, we’ve got the young players already (when fit) who can play that position and possibly excel at it, lets back them in (for once)


I just don’t see what he would add to the side next season

He is experienced and still good by foot. That’s it

Either he gets a send off game v.s stkilda or he should be dropped.


Hear hear.

However, I am not sure he is so sure by foot as he puts so many players under pressure with poorly thought out kicks.

Time to move on Brendan.


It’s not 93 anymore, times have changed. The only way he should stay on the list is if he takes a bare minimum contract and told he is only depth and will only get a game if there are injuries. He can help out the kids in the VFL


He was a total liability last year.


How many players in Richmond’s team had won a final before last year?


I’m a big Goddard fan and halfway through the season I thought he was a lock for next year. I’m not so sure now. He’s been making more and more mistakes as the year goes on. Maybe he needed to be rested more? Would that be the difference?


Buckley has slowly learned .


My comment is based on a whole lot more than one kick out. In fact the kick out os the least of his problems


Every farking game I watch, people step on that stupid farking line. Every game! Only BJ seems to get pinged for it. Hate this game sometimes.


Redman better take his spot next year…


That’s my thinking. I reckon he stays at top standard on a 2 on 1 off sort of regime, and could be worth his weight in gold next year.

And has he really been making more mistakes?

Any more than others?

Or just more noticeable/costly ones for the past 2 weeks?

I’m yet to watch the replay, but I suspect Heppel equaled his, … and some were just as, if not more costly yesterday.


I don’t think anyone is happy with Heppels game yesterday.


He’s done.

There’s no need to be harsh about it.

He has three games left, get around him.


I don’t know that he is much good at that???


Has been a great player. Standout #1 pick, 300+ games.
I would rather see Marty come back into that position. I think Redman will do a preseason learning to be a mid, and will play a defensive midfield role next year. IMO Redman has a lot of potential. We have a fantastic young list, Lets use it.


Marty and Redmond are ahead of him. He won’t get a game across HBF next year, he doesn’t have the pace or pressure for a forward. He also can’t pick up a ground ball like he used to do he can’t play midfield.

I’m not sure what options he has left but to retire.


This is the problem i see. Our senior players ‘mostly the returning suspended ones’ plus goddard continually make critical mistakes or don’t show up when playing against other form sides in big games. I don’t think we will go anywhere till the younger brigade take over.


You mean except for when we played Sydney the week before, or beat Geelong or beat North or belted the Giants. Other than that, yes our senior players have never played well.