#9 Brendon James Goddard


Yeah, … I know what you mean, … it’s like all the older brigade get the yips at times when the opposition breaks up our run, and we need to alter our game style, … and then it can start effecting the young blokes too.

Thankfully, for the most part, guys like Fanta Walla Conor, … have largely been immune to it and have settled us down on many of those occasions, let us re group and get over the line.

A lot of times we’ve lost has been because they start to panic and cough it up a few times, . and we let sides we’ve had on the canvas get up.


I love him, I’ve been his biggest fan since he got to Ess (and before that) but he is totally done, and anyone who actually watches our games critically can see that.

If he went on next year he’d be depth only behind Gleeson, Dea, etc etc.


Yes it was, and no he isn’t.


Agree the yips is a good word i still have nightmares about that sydney final last year.
As to the other games the hawks were the in form one that were always going to bring real heat and put said players to the test. Actually let me exclude hooker from that i think he is good under real heat when it matters.


I hate this. Can’t even own up that he made a dumb mistake - you have a 9m box to kick from! I’ll never understand how players keep making this mistake, let alone taking ownership of it when they do it.


Except he is.


Its like people forget how ■■■■ sydney was going into that game. or how injured gws was… or (yeah i got nothing about north) or what @jonovdp was going on about after the adelaide game. or how geelong just brought in ablettt that week against us. our big wins haven’t been that big. but my main issue with this year is throwing away totally gettable games because of ■■■■ knows why.

compared to where we were last year, this year feels like a total waste. the loss of promising kids for the season in redman and begley just makes it a bitter pill to swallow.


Not going to go quietly. Not going to agree to be “rested” in games next year - the same as he wouldn’t this year. Every week he will be making the case for why he should be playing.


Agree with this.
The fact that we now know how good we are. It’s inexcusable that we miss out on the finals because we didn’t have our sh*t together with personnel in the coaching box.

We have every right to be going into the finals series in the top 4. We should be having a pretty good crack at breaking the hoodoo of finals losses.

The positive though, we had our best run of form for 15 years. It’s the first time since Lloyd was in form, that I’ve turned up to Games confident that we’ll get the win.

The warning bells were going off after that Adelaide game about how unprepared our club was.


I had concerns when Richmond flogged us in the JLT was like a repeat of the Sydney final but people kept telling me “It’s only JLT” lols

The supposed improved defence and contested ball work that the club trained and preached over the summer i didn’t see any of it during the JLT.


We have enough backmen coming through, time to hang up the boots Goddard or if kept play him as a HFF for delivery to Daniher or Stringer.

Ridley, Francis and McNiece now the future


He may end up a footy commentator.


pretty much. He isn’t going to go gracefully so worsfold needs to make the call.


He will go gracefully once the decision is made.
Question is in which year will the decision be made.
We could well offer him another year.


That concerns me as I believe the club will feel like they have an obligation to play him as much as possible. I just hope we aren’t making him too many promises in regards to playing time


If the decision were mine, I think I’d offer him another year. But he would be playing in the midfield, not across half back, and would have to understand that he would more than likely spend a bit of time in the magoos. I think he could still offer us a bit in the middle in certain situations, where his strength and smarts would outweigh his drop in leg speed. He is still a viable AFL footballer I think, just not in the role we have him in at present.

But I’m not one of his coaches. And I don’t have access to all his data. So I could be way off the mark.


I think he will get offered a contract next year. For the most part I think he’s been ok but I’m with boot in that I don’t want him across half back. He was one of our better clearance players not so long ago, knows how to find the ball in close and with the supposed rule changes coming next year, starting positions etc I reckon it’ll suit quick wingers who’ll have acres of space to work in. I think he has some value playing around 14 games next season mainly in the midfield getting the ball into that space on the wing.


For mine, it’s time to go. Thanks for your efforts, BJ.


Port and Crows list managers will be very keen to see if BJ gets offered another year.


BJ just needs the bigger goal square to be introduced.