#9 Brendon James Goddard


That’s the sort of “play it safe” attitude that continues to keep us a mediocre club.


He isn’t in the footy department or on the board is he?


Time to go BJ. Do the right thing and point the way - don’t force the club to make the decision for you.


Hird won the BnF in his last year, and got 2 Brownlow votes in his last game.

He was just old, not cooked.


Been a big fan, have been very happy to have him wear the read and black jumper, and he has done it proud, but Saturday should be a very clear wake up call to BJ that he is done.
It wasn’t just the kick in error. There were multiple errors from a senior experienced leader that kept allowing them scoring shots.
Most of all it was the timid efforts in the marking contests, and the complete lack of recovery from every contest that should tell everyone that he should not go on next year.
He has been vocal in the media saying someone needs to take his spot off him. Well there are 5 guys who now need to be given the opportunity to win that spot and he should do the right thing and retire.


Does he want to play 16 games tops next year while still competing for a spot? That’s about the most reasonable offer for both parties, I’d say. It may not be what he’s after though.


I think the harshness is probably due to the fact people are legitimately worried he wont be tapped on the shoulder and will be given another year.

This has sheedies departure written all over it. Goddard is saying he wants to go on. Everyone else can see he is past it. Its gonna get ugly if people dont have a quite word to him and make him see that fact.


maybe somone can chuck in a few words in the carpark at Etihad after the Saints game


I think there is a big difference between this notion of “cooked” and still being a better option than anyone else at present

He might not be a star anymore & best years behind but still a very handy contributer IMO.

And Woosh’s.

You can’t say he’s not in our best 25 group of players still right now and won’t be next year either. That isn’t cooked.

I expect he has another year in him but will need to be managed accordingly both to ensure we get the best output from him and for the younger players we intend to have take his spot.


worsfold is just being diplomatic, as he pretty much always is. talking him up so it appears that he leaves 100% on his own terms. a 300 gamer of BJs standing within the club, and the league, deserves that.



The demographic of the list is perfectly placed for an assault.
Richmond and the WB showed that winning Finals in previous seasons is not necessary.

Just get a group of players together that believe in the game plan, and can execute it under pressure.


Dunno, I consider them both outliers. They are beneficiaries of an exceptionally even couple of seasons IMO. I’d add to that this year’s premiers too.

But who knows, you could be right, this could be becoming the norm. If so I’m all for it.


I’m in the camp that him playing next year harms our finals campaign.

Sure at the start of the year when fresh he’ll probably be ok. But this time next year he will be well and truely cooked and forced to be dropped.

That’s 15 games not given to Ridley/Redman that could prove vital for them going into finals.



I just cant picture him playing good footy at the end of next year,if we make finals. He is really starting to get exposed when the ball hits the ground 1-1.

Its Redmans time to shine there,and BJ will hopefully stay on in some capacity in a coaching role like Kelly.


BJ is showing all the traits of an old player in decline. He’s struggling to cleanly pickup ground balls, he’s struggling to find space when he does take possession, and his ability to pressure the opposition when they have the ball is very poor. He looks cooked to me.


My kids think his first name is for ■■■■■ sakes…

He has had some howlers this year, the sort of mistakes that you tollarate from a young inexperenced bloke under pressure.

in an ideal world Gleeson and Redman wouldn’t be injured and we would be playing them. Goddard would be playing in the 2s and realising that it was time.

You give a bloke who has done what he has for the club Life Membership, you don’t gift them a spot on the list.

If he wants to play on next season, it will need to be elsewhere with our blessing.


If he is struggling in normal home and away matches this season, what makes people think he will suddenly turn it on if we make finals next year?


Just god damn love him and screw the ■■■■■■■ entity that denied him a flag.


You mean the Drug cheating Collingfilth FC right? :thinking: