#9 Brendon James Goddard


If we think we can win the premiership next year, then he should stay another year.

He’s regressed but he hasn’t fallen off a cliff yet. He’s one injury away from that. Whether that cliff comes along next year or the year after is anyone’s guess.

I think the calls that Redman gets games next year are hopeful at best. Gleeson takes back a spot in the backline next year and Goddard needs to find another gap elsewhere in the team to fill if he plays on. I’d trust Gleeson to perform in a ten game stretch more than a declining Goddard or developing Redman.

I don’t think we’re a GF threat next year (subject to FA and trades) so we need to convince him that GWS, Brisbane or GC are in more need of his leadership services than we are next year.

We’ve drafted so many impressive ‘leaders’ and poured resources into those ‘leadership tours’ that it’s time they see the rewards of it by stepping up and taking more responsibility with the younger group during matches.


I’m not overly convinved about his leadership qualities myself. Despite what they keep telling us.


I think the fact he stepped into one hell of a mess in 2013, and rather than try avoid the issue, stood up and backed both the club and the players in says a lot about his leadership qualities.


2013 was then and this is now. How long do you get to dine out on past achievements? He is a one paced player who either pinpoints a pass or coughs it up therefore a net non contributor. Time to make a gracious exit and to move on.


Today’s press conference from Woosha was very interesting. Basically said it’s the club’s decision, not Brendon’s.


Herald sun article was a plead to stay on. Was interesting listening to John and I know he said list managers would be included in the discussion but how about you throw in Ridley, Redman and Francis in to the discussion to plead their case. They have every right to discuss what about us? If Goddard stays on we’ll go back to S.A (Redman and Francis) or another opportunity that sees us playing more senior games elsewhere next season. All three have more value than an old guy looking for another season.


If the club lets that happen then we are well and truly farked, surely we are not that shortsighted.


Now don’t be sad…

‘Cause two out of five ain’t bad.


Thanks for everything BJ, would be a nice send off game with the Saints

Club thought we were top 4 this year, there judgement is not very good.


It would be nice if BJ picked this game to be his last. IMO he should not go around again in 2019.


Except that if we played the first half of the season like the last half, we probably would have been.

But you know …


Yep if only we could beat some bottom 8 teams like Dogs, & Blues.


I’d try seek BJ a trade ala Mitchell trade to WC.

Surely say the Suns might entertain swapping one of their 3rd rounders for him?

They have 6 picks in the first three rounds, plus the inevitable compo for Tom Lynch. No way will they use all of them.


I’m sure someone here way back posted some info on BJ which dispelled a few mis conceptions on his “Slowing Down”, … which I based a comment that he may yet be able to go on for a couple more years at least, albeit in a diminished game number and a different role, … eg Km’s covered, speed etc.

I wonder if he/she, or anyone else that has access to all those AFL stats / heatmap etc stuff, can do it again, … so that posters can at least start basing their posts on the facts??

I’d like to see if he’s fallen off at all, and if so how badly since that last made assessment.



He has no hope in any other position than the one he’s playing.


Uh huh, …


On Fox AFL news, I’m sure I heard Brendon is holding a media conference tomorrow.


If you were going to make a big deal out of him finishing up then the Saints game perfect time to do so with both of his clubs fans there.


I reckon he should make this game his last and play half a game for each club. Not allowed to tackle him. Racks up 50 possessions, kicks 6 goals - goes off a hero. Only we have to win!


Despite what the players keep telling us?