#9 Brendon James Goddard


So to me that says that if we had played the first half of the season how we played the second, we would currently be sitting in second place.

It has absolutely nothing to do with what you consider a worthy win, and everything to do with the number of wins. Full stop.


Just out of curiosity, who have we Jettisoned before their time ?


At the very least we wouldn’t have lost to Bulldogs and Carlton which would have given us enough wins to be in the eight.

IMO the next three rounds will tell the tale of the season. If we win well against the Saints, lose well against Richmond, and lose a close one to Port, then the season is a Pass with reason to look forward to 2019.

If we drop the Saints game I would find it hard not to feel let down by the players. That game is about attitude and application much more than coaching etc.

If we drop Saints but win against Richmond and Port, then I pull my hair out at the bi-polar nature of our consistency, but enjoy the footy for what it is nonetheless.

If we lose to Saints and Port, but win against Richmond, then I still won’t trust the team to bring a consistent 2019. It would leave me in doubt about the team.

I could go on about the different combinations but should probably find a different thread for that.

Nevertheless, go Dons…


I consider this contentious.


if he retires today then he will go down as a club legend who stuck around our football club when we needed him.

But… over the last 3 weeks you can tell that he’s slowing down. in the Sydney game he slipped over and then kicked the ball into an Sydney player. that could of cost us a goal if Francis wasn’t there to pick it up.

but still hes a club legend and was great as a captain for 1 yr


I’d be happy for him to go on another year but I’d be equally accepting if he chooses to pull the pin. If he does go on the only proviso I have is that he move out of the backline - we have enough up and coming players to cover him there, and he’s not as safe as he used to be. I’d be playing him forward where his disposal can set others up, switching midfield.

Whatever happens, he’s been immense for the club. Much respect.


Ths is crap. Youre picking on him for 1 goal? Im sure theres a few others that have been in the same boat and stuffed up and given away certain goals -hes only gettong picked on doing that because of his ages and everyone being so 50/50 on him. Goddards numbers are still relative solid.


If it a retirement presser I think he will say finishing up at end of season not pulling pin after this weekend.

Big games against Richmond and Port away to come.


It was a comment on how footy (and most sports) as an industry pay too much attention to the age of the player and not so much to flexibility around what they can add to the team. And yes, players get jettisoned. Paul Salmon is a perfect example. Would we have let him go were he 2-3 years younger? Sean Wellman likely would not have pulled the plug if he didn’t see the age-based forced ending coming.


I Just brought forward an example of something that throughout his career has never done which is make 2 mistakes in the span of seconds. at least i didn’t bring up last weeks mistake.

as i said before he is a legend of this football club


Sorry mate but they’re two very bad examples, Sean Wellman wanted to focus on his podiatry business iirc and Paul Salmon was traded, not to mention that we are talking ancient history here.
We don’t Jettison players too early at Essendon and recent history shows that the successful clubs know how to make a hard call when a player’s time is up.


Just on this business of successful clubs knowing when to make the call… which of those clubs have bounced back to actually win a flag as a result?
Not Geelong or Hawthorn yet. I still think the Hawks are more likely to go backwards than forwards in future years.

Maybe they would have been better to keep those older players? Who knows…


Maybe ? You still think the jury is out on the Lewis & C*** for Jaeger and T Mitchell because they haven’t won a flag ?


Will be accepting a one year contract extension with an option for a second.


They wwren’t Involved in the same trades. I don’t see how/why they couldn’t have kept Lewis and Mitchell as well.


You think that those guys being moved on had nothing to do to with recruiting Jom & TM ?


Hawks were making salary cap space by flicking Mitchell and Lewis. Cause O’Mearas contract and Mitchells contracts were both big.
Im still dissapointed we didnt really go after Mitchell, but meant we probably didnt get McGrath as pick 1 may have been used. WE could have got O’Meara just with $$$$ as a free agent, but we would ahve been stressed with knee recovery, its taken him a while to get back to good footy.

Hawthorn would like someone else to take over Roughys contract too as he is nearing the end.

Swans are looking at moving on hanneberry to free up salary cap space as well.


We must have all of the salary cap space, plus a bit of someone elses, if true.


Everything l have read on here since then, indicated that he was always going to the Dawks and we were never a real chance to get O’Meara.


Francis got him though