#9 Brendon James Goddard


Thats right Hawthorn put in the work for 12 months and we came late to the party and tried to get him across the line in the PSD due to finishing last.
If the AFL hadnt broken there rules and allowed some funny picks to happen and allow the trade deadline to continue past the deadline then it was a possibility.

Its good know though that Dodoro has been putting the groundwork in, and we saw the results last season with SSS…and potentially Gaff/Shiel this season.


LOL. So just a run on the mill Thursday media appearance.


So sick of this club. Jobe last year. Goddard this year. Who’s the next player wanting to selfishly put themselves ahead of the club? No wonder we haven’t won a final in 15 years. Its clear as daylight he shouldn’t be playing. But no doubt they build up next year like a hype tour


What a let down for so many :joy::joy:






Maybe the presser was a fishing expedition.


the more i think about it the more i am not a fan of goddard playing on

yeah yeah trust in the club etc etc etc but it just doesnt feel right to me


It’s a bit slack that a decision hasn’t been made yet. Timing would of been great seeing as it’s our last home game and against the Saints.


It’s not slack if they intend to keep him

He’s just indicated again he wants to play on


I’m gonna try to reclaim ‘vanilla’ and choose to believe Goddard means subtle and complex rather than bland.


well that’s dissapointing


Woosha is one of the most consistent, level headed, even tempered people you will ever meet.


It makes you feel old when blokes your age start retiring.
At Least Burgoyne is still running about.
Goddard is less than 50/50 chance to play on at EFC IMO. Especially if we are bringing another experienced player in.

If I was Brendan Bolton Would be enquiring about one of McVeigh/Hodge/Mundy/Goddard/ Armitage if they wanted a season to help out at Blues. Imagine if they had Bartel running about for them this year, would be infinitely better.


Wait until you reach the age where they start dying.


Too much rhetoric in the media from both sides for my liking on this topic. Suggests a real lack of communication between player & club. The club needs to manage this very carefully…


Yep. While Fletch continued to play I felt young. Since he’s gone, not so much.


Experienced Bomber Brendon Goddard is preparing to discuss his future in depth with coach John Worsfold within the next fortnight.

Goddard is out of contract at the end of the season but has voiced his aspirations to play on should the club offer him a new deal.

The 33-year-old has played 331 senior games since his debut in 2003 and continues to provide important leadership for the side.

He ranks fourth at the club for disposals, averaging 23 per game this year at an impressive efficiency of 83.3 per cent, and says he has made it “pretty clear” that he wants to remain at the club.

“Woosha doesn’t give too much away, he’s pretty vanilla all the time – at good and bad times,” Goddard said on Thursday.

“We’ve had discussions and haven’t been too deep or anything like that. I’m not naive, I know the situation I’m in and the club’s in.

“We’ll sit down and have more of a formal discussion in the next week or two.”

Essendon’s season is at a crossroad with just three home and away games remaining, but Goddard said the team’s attitude won’t be swayed by the stakes at hand ahead of Friday night’s must win clash with St Kilda.

“We control what we can control and probably need a bit of help from a few other teams,” he said.

“All we can concentrate (on) are the things that we can control, albeit a cliche, but that’s the reality of the situation we’re in at the minute.

“(We need to) continue to try and perform, keep improving and think more about continual improvement rather than the win-loss ratio and what needs to happen.”

205 of Goddard’s senior games came for his upcoming opponent, and he admitted he has thought about meeting some former teammates in recent weeks.

“I’ve thought about it in the last few weeks and caught up with a few old Saints boys, but there’s only four or five guys still on the list that I’ve played with so there’s no real connection there.

“(I have) always still got that connection and affinity with the club (after) playing 10 years and 200 games for them.

“Their best is really good, so we’ll be looking to nullify that and obviously play our best and get the game more on our terms.”

The first bounce as the Bombers strive to keep the season alive is set for 7.50pm at Etihad Stadium this Friday.




I agree. This should not be up for discussion. Both BJ and the Club should be on exactly the same page, at least publicly.