#9 Brendon James Goddard


Been told from a good guy on the sauce, if he makes 1x more clangers he’s out!!


There is your commentary from the club & player.


Vanilla :joy:


So was that what the press conference was about?


To troll everybody on blitz of course.



Most clubs hold an open media session before/after/during training on Thursdays. They usually send a media alert to the media saying where and what time and who from the Club will be talking to the media (i.e Whoosa or one of the players).

This week the Club must have sent out a media alert saying that BJ would be talking to the media. Some people in the media put 2 and 2 together and came up with 156.


Yeah that was amusing.


Which would almost seem strategic given all the talk.

Club using AFL Media techniques 101??


No I honestly don’t think there is a strategy behind it.

The Club seems to cycle the players through. Maybe if the there is a player with a milestone they might be the one talking or maybe if they think the Captain should front the media they might, but i think most of the time its probably “Hey guys, who wants to and is able to do the media thing this week?”


He’s got Harvs in his corner


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Sorry not sure where to ask


Great pick up and influence on the club
will be missed
will be gone next year as we make way for beams (from what i heard)


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“if there is structural damage I might have to call a retirement press conference next week”

Tongue in cheek?


who was the bird? crikey.


Not really, PCL or ACL would be curtains.


just wince watching that hyper extension of the knee
amazing how the knee holds up to that yet you see ACLs done with what seems less stress


He’s not going to reco and sit out a year at his age.


I recall reading a basketballer doing his ACL that went unnoticed for 2 years. Did his other knee and it wasn’t until surgery they realised both ACL’s were shot.
Is an ACL really as serious as the AFL treats it?