#9 Brendon James Goddard


In short: Yes

(You may have read about, or are confusing it with a PCL.)


PossiblyCL. :drooling_face:


Really hope BJ is ok… would fkin hate for him to finish with a serious knee injury.


Depends how bad it is.
My knee is farked, but it feels ok 99% of the time


AFL players play 1% of the week. Quite likely to correspond with the not OK feeling,


Cool, I’ll sign up for the veterans next year then


I think that was his wife.


I still think he will play on - list / cap space permitting

A lot hinging on how things pan out trade wise for us with incoming /outgoing players & how many picks we want/need in draft.


WTF does on the same page mean? I’ve been on the same page as Scarlett J, but we were so far apart she didn’t even know about it.


Will we have done him a disservice by not giving him a fair well game or a proper send off? Imagine finding out in October he can’t stay because we’re up to our necks in trades.
That would be brutal, but at least the club will have turned the corner on that aspect.


Don’t think that reads well for Brendon. You could only assume ‘on the same page’ means Brendon has had to accept he probably isn’t part of the plans going forward.

It wouldn’t bother me if he got another year, however if he is finished up I think we have seen more than enough from Francis, Redman and Ridley to think we are in good shape.


I agree. I reckon he’s either gone or they have said we might offer a 1 year contract depending on what happens in trade week


Am confident he’ll get a new contract.


I’d be disappointed if this were the case. The club needs to look forward and goddard is past it and we have a tonne of talent in that position. Another emotion based decision by the club if we go this way.


What other emotion based decisions


It means both sides understand what the list, cap and future plans/players situation is, and are in a holding pattern


on the same page to me indicates there is a compromise somewhere.

id suggest its that he will have to be ‘rested’ a lot more often that what he’d like.


The $ will play a part too, has been on decent coin. It might be that if we bring in a gaff or Sheil we can only offer 300k.


If we are to transition from a Bottom 8 side, to a Top 8 side next year, we need players like Goddard in the team still. We are lacking that finals experience, seeing we haven’t played in that many of recent times.
If players like Redman, Ridley, Clarke etc are to become regulars next year, they’ll need players like Goddard next to them.


You’d have to think it is the club setting the expectations and it is for BJ to accept them if he wanted a new contract. He js not a 26 year old gun hitting their peak with a swag of other clubs lined up wanting to woo him away from us. He’d know the reality of where things are at for him. So he and club know and understand this. All clear. Same page.