#9 Brendon James Goddard


If he goes to the pies and wins a premiership with them, I will be cheering from the roof tops. He deserves nothing less.


Didn’t BJ say in an interview earlier this year that younger players were “soft” or something like that? Could well be a generation gap problem although Joey heaped praise on him in his Crichton speech last year.


Joey is old school and from pretty good stock though!


i want those youngsters gone.


You won’t get any cheering from me if he’s playing the Dons.


Hahahaha as if we will be playing in a GF anytime soon. We will probably be tenth next year. We haven’t improved in twenty years can’t see us improving in one.


I don’t know if there is any truth to it but a lot of clubs are struggling (just like a lot of workplaces tbf) with this changing of generation.

The youngsters coming through now have grown up in a completely different era where everything is about them, everything is about feelings and they face no criticism ever, for anything.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a clash there with BJ’s clearly passionate way of giving instruction/feedback. However I know this is happening at other clubs too… coaching styles will need to change and basically everything has to change to cater for this new gen coming in.


Or the new generation need to take a concrete pill.


I, personally, would very much agree with you… but the storm is coming whether we like it or not. The clubs that don’t change… will find a high turnover of talent etc etc.

It is one of the things I like most about our current coaching set up… they seem to be keeping the younger ones very engaged and happy.


Gee Whiz, his farewell speech totally caught me off guard. I was in tears, what he said was heartfelt and really touched me. I was really moved by the man and his sincerity and honesty and the strength of the man and how unafraid he was to show his fragility. His weakest link is his strength of character. Good luck BJ I hope good things come your way.

I am proud of the club making a very tough decision, one of many to come. I hope so because we as a club have been stuck for a long time.


my favourite memory of bj is his very first kick for us in the nab game against the bulldogs i think? absolute bullet in to the forward 50 to a leading forward. hadn’t seen anything like it for years.


Old people don’t understand young people and think that’s the young people’s fault.



He IS an Essendon legend.


Anyway Goddard has been a deadset champion at this club. Dumped into the biggest sh*tstorm ever and has completely engaged with the club and become one of us, when others would have been looking for a way out before Rd 1 of 2013.

Good luck Brendon


i miss him already.


In many ways this ruthless decision is exactly what Brendon would do himself as Whoosha. Think he knows it too but it still tough.

We are a 145 year old club who hasn’t won a final in 15 or so years. We need to act in a manner that gets this club the best chance of success… no matter the emotion.

BJ was one of my all time favourites and his obsession to encourage the players to be elite in their preperation has been so important. His courage to speak out boldly against AFL heirachy and media to support the 34 was inspiring. Every year he was top 5 in the Chrichton Medal. Winner in 2013 and Captain in 2016 to lead the young boys. His legacy is profound.

But it was the right call. Just hard to lose a champion person and player


I believe the first point and that’s totally expected but seriously doubt the second part as it’s unlikely young players are giving those sort of ultimatums.


I may be making this up, but did BJ say something like, I may not always show it but know that I love you all?

I suspect there’s enough evidence that Brendan’s demonstrative behaviour may be irritating or confronting to some.


Think I used to say that about my Parents.

I have no problem understanding young people at all, that is why I do not like them.


This! The man should never have to pay for his own beer again as long as there’s a Bombers fan in the same pub.