#9 Brendon James Goddard


Surprised the captain hasn’t spoken yet…


why should he?


So he is in the top 5 of the crichton every year he has been here but is not in our best 22? How does that work?


Why wouldn’t he. He tweets about a lot of things I thought maybe he would say something about BJ - considering what he has meant to the club… Maybe he is saving it til after the final game…


I still think of TD being tapped on the shoulder at the end of 92. He’d played 1 year too long imo. A tough call on a legend but look what happened the following year. Gotta let go sometimes. Thanks BJ. LdYW.


Yeah, he would have annoyed a lot of people especially if he’s bossing everyone around and then making errors himself.
Also he mentioned a few weeks ago it was up to the younger blokes to knock him off his perch. It might have just been implied pressure from the media but it could have been brought up directly to him in meetings.
As for kids today (I’m 40yo by the way) I’m not sure they are entitled or whatever but general consensus these days is that yelling doesn’t work and that you want people to be informed and engaged and any criticism should be constructive and civil.
And don’t forget footy clubs are a workplace and so there should t be any kind of abusive or threatening behavior whether it’s in an office or on a battlefield.


Hawthorn supporting friend of mine hopes he goes there. Says they need someone like him in their backline.


Yes informed and engaged is good but; many of the kids today cannot stomach any criticism whatsoever and that includes showing how to do something them when a mistake has been made how to do something differently and why. Anything they deem to be a put down and the conversation is shut down immediately. Some of them need to harden up.

How on earth do people learn if not from making mistakes and correcting them?


It was indeed sad seeing TD and Simon Madden battelling in the ressies in '92.


It works because clubs have to look at the future as well as the now and they know he will be a worse player next year than what he was this year and if they don’t give opportunities to kids, they leave.


Champion at St.Kilda
Champion at Essendon.
Captain of Essendon.
Demander of effort.

All the best BJ in anything you do .


And another thread descends into generalisations about different generations…


So its to give an opportunity to someone who might be Ok but so far unproven? Young guys no longer have to prove themselves any more? Just wait until they delist all the old guys so they can have a go?


The players who are likely to replace him are hardly first year kids that they have no idea if they are any good or not though are they?


Could be too truthful, that’s one of his problems. Tell it how he sees it.

The younger generation don’t like that sort of communication in all its forms.


Thank you BJ for your service, in the wash up, Essendon probably got more from you, than you got from Essendon.

Best of luck.


Haven’t been good enough to take his position so far.


Which is where the looking to the future part of list management comes into it.

Not that hard to understand.


I think we as a society are far too ready to throw people on the scrap heap.


Interesting comment from Nick Riewoldt on radio that it’s a unique situation with sport in that it could almost be classed as unfair dismissal in these circumstances.

Senior player who is still performing adequately in role & still would being pushed out to allow for unproven young player.

Not my view however as list management has to make tough decisions at times…

Giving young players opportunity aside I think BJ was the easiest way for us to free up most amount of salary cap space. And reality is one year of him versus 5+ of a gun in area of need wins out.