#9 Brendon James Goddard


I would like to comment on Riewoldt’s comment regarding unfair dismissal, as I find it infuriating.

However I feel that it would disrespect the BJ thread… so I’ll refrain.


From here (http://m.essendonfc.com.au/news/2012-01-02/life-membership-selection-criteria-amended)

  • Playing of 150 senior matches (AFL home and away or finals);
  • 10 years on the senior list;
  • A Premiership player; and
  • At the Board’s discretion.

So he’ll finish 22 games short. Would be pretty snarky not to give it to him, given he was captain, and gave the club so much through the saga.


Reiwoldt is a moron. How can unfair dismissal apply to a fixed term contract ffs, ffs?


Funny how it’s almost always you old ■■■■■ complaining about it, since it’s supposedly a young person’s issue??


BJ’s contract is expiring. Nick needs to learn basic employment contracts. It’s up to employer to decide if they renew a new contract and offer employee a job. They chose not too.

As far as youth earning games…Ridley earned his senior games. Redman well and truly earned his senior games and Francis earned his games and won the rising star. The depth of talent is very strong if you add in Gleeson and to be honest these guys will be the key to a premiership run in 2-3 years.



GOT IT ???



FWIW I’m in my 60th year and I agree with you.


Something that should always be remembered in here.


Hmmm… I know how you feel.

There’s been a few jabs at the decision to move BJ on, and it’s a fine line defending the club without disrespecting BJ.


Hasn’t the age pension eligibility gone up a few years ?


We know BJ is on the slide so wouldn’t you rather he call it a day now, rather than getting 1 more year that slowly descends to the mid point of the season whereby his place in the team is untenable?


The media have been arsehats to him for ages because he’s efc- now they can distinguish between the two he’ll become the victim of the efc.


Quite right. I always regard it as absolute nonsense when people say that champions have the right to decide when they’ll quit. TD would still be playing if that was the case.


When Clarkson retires his stars its genius - when efc does it’s unfair.


Wow I thought you were older.


yeah and thats why reiwoldt is a footballer.


to be fair, i reckon hawthorn was widely pilloried in the media for it. it’s only with retrospect that it’s been recognised as a good move.


It’s also very different

They’d won their flags and were going to inevitably drop at a rate of knots if didn’t refresh their list

We should push top4 mark next year which means we are contenders. And BJ might well have helped that cause. But club has decided otherwise.

And many factors around that. Including bringing in class mid(s) who help that cause moreso


Yes he will have to wait longer now.


He is probably correct.