#9 Brendon James Goddard


Hopefully your a sanitary wiper.


That blind turn and hit up inside 50 deserves far more recognition than it got


Send him off from Essendon with a win.
Shows how special BJ is to Essendon.


Well done BJ, and thanks.


Thanks for everything Brendan. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do from here


Why make him talk to that arrogant ■■■■ Hamish?

Sad he’s going though.


I hope he retires.
If he goes on with someone else, i’ll cheer him every week.


Got it done for ya mate.

An Essendon legend forever <3


Farking love this bloke. Bomber champion.

Congrats on a great career BJ.


Thanks BJ
True legend who stood tall for our club in a time of need
Go work on your handicap
Pretzels are breathing a lot easier across the country


Ah that send off was sad to watch in some ways. Great to see Sir Nick there for him.


Really nice touch for Reiwoldt to be there


Thanks for your service.
Could never doubt your passion, which was amazing for a club you came to after ten years with someone else.
Best of luck for the future.


Knock some pretzels over!


Thanks BJ




Cheers BJ.


Me too - thanks BJ for seeing us through the very dark years.



Along with Hep, Jobe, Hooker. Held the club together through the saga and the return.

We’d be rabble worse than Carlscum if these guys hadn’t stood up.


Hated watching that. Hated it.
He’s given us so much in such ■■■■ conditions.

Thank you.