#9 Brendon James Goddard


He went out with a really good performance too





That’s great.
Top 3 disposals in his last game.


i miss him already


Played really, really well in his last game. Absolute champion.
Miss him already.


It’s like Jobe, they deserved more than what they got. It’s a shame really.


Thanks BJ.


Wouldn’t be a final game without one last kick in calamity. Thanks for the memories and service BJ.


Gonna miss this guy. Some of the clambers would infuriate, some of the finger pointing looked bad but it was always coming from a really good place, from the heart. Said it earlier, I’ll say it again, I sincerely hope we win a flag soon, he will have played a massive part in getting us there. Hopefully he’s not lost to us.


I feel that getting Goddard really opened up the eyes of the list managers to trading in players.

Will miss him.


Thanks BJ
best wishes for your future


had the last kick in the game for us


Legend of the EFC. Thanks for everything BJ.


Stood up and led us through our darkest period. A great player. A great leader. Player with heart exposed.
Thank you for coming to EFC.
Has slowed and next year would have struggled so tough correct call made for both BJ and clubs sake.


Put out your Pretzels?


He seems to want to keep playing. And he’s certainly still up for it. I hope he gets another contract somewhere. Essendon are much better off for having him around. Can think of a few sides that could use his positive influence and playing capacity for a season or two.


Farewell BJ… Thanks for everything. Have loved having you at Essendon. Glad you and the team had a win to mark your last game as a player with us. Good luck for the future.


Really hoping we can hold onto BJ in some sort of development role. Just too good to let go. I’m 35 and he’s in my top 5 most important people to role through the club in my living memory. Don’t underestimate what this guy has done for us at all. Sad face


Would be fantastic in a development role. Even if you discount the actually footy part, he would be a great guy to just teach the kids how to get your body in the right condition week after week to play AFL and make the most of your career