#9 Brendon James Goddard


That was a disrespectful cheap shot, not a joke. Jokes are supposed to be funny


I’m sure BJ gives a toss.


What a weak rotten response


for what he did for the club, he can have a statue next to Longy.


I’d nominate him for a statue at the Hangar, for services rendered during the worst time in our clubs history, something he didn’t sign up for but accepted with maturity and grace. For all the BS he cops about finger pointing, he certainly didn’t do any of that during the saga when most others in his position would have (rightly) felt bitter and angry. He came here to win a flag and instead he won the respect and admiration of countless Essendon fans, myself included. He has earned our respect and contributed more to this club than any one on this forum.

I think this pose should be immortalised in bronze

Put out your Pretzels


Geez calm down mate


Hmm, seems that your sense of humour is wasted. I got it, I must be a ■■■■ as well.


I loved that we got one last capture of BJ pointing and yelling “who’s on them?!” on the ump mics

The guy was a massive leader on the field and all he ever got for it was abuse from nuffies. Onya Beej


Thanks for eveything, BJ.

Seems crazy that there isn’t a developing club who could use his experience and abilities for one year. He got 27 touches at over 90% efficiency last Friday night.

Delisted free agent, not crazy coin, a mountain of experience, a drive that pushes others to perform and knowledge of systems from two other teams. A team like Carlton should approach him and say “we’ll give you a year, help us develop and instill some grunt into some of our younger players”.


I’m a little of column A, a little of column B.

Mild, inoffensive joke.
Guess what? He kinda kicked it out on the full sometimes!

On the other hand, you don’t ■■■■ on monuments, and it’s too soon.


I gave it a like, but I’m not a very nice person… soooo


i personally would of gone with *takes kickout, but it caused a smirk


A snigger here too…

‘Would of’…pfft! Didn’t they teach English in England.


I know both of you in person, can comfirm :yum:


129/134 games for us


Is anyone actually a chance of throwing him a year or two? The way I see it, not many options since several struggling clubs were so quick to publicly rule him out.

Unless a team in the frame now like Collingwood wanted to add his class and give him one last chance at a flag.


There really is a Simpson’s meme for anything.


pretty rich coming from you mate.


Where’s the Captain ?


[email protected], cry me a rainbow.

It’s a sporta field. There is always a time for a spray. Always.