#9 Brendon James Goddard


BJ the best but not the only Goddard delisted… stk drop Hugh!


Interested to see what they do with McCartin.


They probably don’t have much choice but to persist & hope he eventually becomes a decent player.

Nicely botched two top picks for him and Goddard thus far




He was frustrated and expected more from himself and his team mates.


Wow with his run of injuries i thought he’d get another year to look at him niw he’s fit (unless hes injured again?).

Pity we have plenty of backline depth.


My only point.
Give it a month.


Is he ever done anything good?

I imagine he’ll get picked up by a VFL side and go from there (similar story to Mitch Brown or hartley)


No. One of those guys that promised a bit a a junior but then was perennially injured. Might be worth a punt if you were short key backs, but otherwise agree.


A spray is usually ok, as long as it’s not deemed abusive, which depends on the receiver.

I agree different rules should apply to professional athletes but that’s the way things are these days.

Basically if someone has a mental breakdown and it’s attributed to behavior at a workplace the employer is liable.


It will be brutally honest. The AFL won’t like it. If he wants a job within the AFL it is probably better he dosent write one.


Point taken. I made a judgement call, some agreed, some didn’t. I’ll wear that.

It might have some value to point out that I also thought he was Nobby vote worthy on Friday, so it’s not a fixed agenda attack.

He’s never been my favourite, but I admire the way he held his nose and devoured the ■■■■ sandwich he was dealt. He helped the club enormously and that won’t be forgotten.


If it was deemed consistent bullying, then yeah I’d agree, a spray on the sports field by a senior player or coach? Nah.

Imagine if we’d have to erect 20ft plastic screens around the ground to provide a ‘safe workplace’ for our poor professional athletes from the Collingwood or Richmond supporter flogs giving our players ‘encouragement’.

Please, spare me. PC at it’s worst.


Love him & will miss him, he was our captain in our darkest time.


What a legend.

In the end BJ was one of my favs. Could have seem him go around one more year in some capacity, but irrespective EFC has benefited from his presence.

Love his passion.


Surely we have at least one player locked in to be moving him on!


Hope we make him a life member tbh.

Provided distinguished and wonderful service.


If they made that pr*ck judas Ryder a life member, theres no way BJ doesent get life membership…


With Xavier announcing last month (and a week before BJ was told he wont be re-signed next year) that we are in a position to be aggressive again during this years trade period, just wondering how much BJ was on that we have now made room for? Trying to work out how big our war chest is. Anyone have an idea of the $$?


You’d really have to be at the coal face with the spreadsheets in hand to know. Front ended contracts versus back ended contracts coupled to retirements etc - you’d be really guessing what’s available each year over the next few years.