#9 Brendon James Goddard


yeah i know… will be hard to work out the exact amount of cash we have… But what do you think BJ was on this year? He was on a 1yr contract, I’m guessing $500k (considering the average wage is 371k)


Playing with old Caulfield I have heard


Found this for you.


Keep going…

And then keep going after your next guess.


Anyone notice in the Brownlow tonight that BJ wasn’t a 2018 retiree???

Are we possibly keeping him on for another year or trading him to another club?


Yeah, don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe the door was left open.


Only those who announced their retirements, not those who were delisted ( like Green and Alex Johnston),



Way worse places it could have been, …


Didn’t seem to help Michael Rischetelli who was retired at the Brownlow despite being contracted for next year.


Reported that it was a mistake.


And does it really matter?
With all that’s wrong in the world, some ageing coke head with his ■■■■ in his hand doesn’t really rate for me.


Been there.


Obviously refused to take the retirement lap at the grand final.


BJ has not retired, yet.

Mentioned to me that he may put himself in the draft. No idea if true.


Why would he go in the draft? He’ll be a DFA so if anyone wants him he can just go directly to them.


Some on here said a few years ago that BJ would never retire. He’d have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the game.
It appears they’re right.

Having said that, I honestly don’t understand why a club like Gold Coast wouldn’t take him.
If ever a club needed a player that will set standards on and off field it’s them


Yeah that is what I meant; it is all draft to me.


Was on fb, then like wtf:


Post footy n all that jazz