#9 Brendon James Goddard


If he wanted experimental pharmacological stuff he came to us a year too late.


Too soon?


I’m surprised it’s taken this long.


I still want to try some of that stuff that hirdy was on.


Sleeps in an oxygen tent


Which he believes gives him sexual powers.

I believe him too.


I’m not sure turning orange and growing big ears would look all that good on you.


Still sounds preferable to extreme measures such as this “leading a healthy lifestyle” I often hear about.


According to the photo the stem cells have grown into an arm.

Not sure that’s a great look.

Wrapping it up with a shirt sleeve and plonking a watch on it will only fool people for a few days.


Look at what happened to the Oompa Loompas.


Your avatar demonstrates that orange with big ears can be a beautiful thing.


I’ve only got a few of 2018’s games recorded, but one of them is the last game v Port, and one of the things that stands out is Goddard’s composure in the backline. When the defence is under pressure, Goddard is one they went to, and always he found a metre of space and a kick or handball to a player in the clear. We will need someone to play that role now that he’s gone.

And just by the way, at the other end of the career curve, Parish was another standout. Always seemed to find a way to get clear and dispose of the ball, and most of the disposals hit the target. His first half of the year was disappointing but he hit back with a vengeance.


Spot on Shelton. I thought the same thing watching some of the games I had recorded. For all his faults, he gave the backline its head a lot and created the space for McKenna & Saad to launch on a number of occasions by drawing the heat & creating the overlap or hitting a tough kick or handball through traffic to release the next teammate.

The replacement in 2019 is going to need that awareness of where the space is and how to get someone to it, going to need to be able to execute the tough kick, cut off the incoming ball etc. he was very serviceable this year BJ.

Having said all that, the time is probably right to move him on as we have Redman, Ridley & Gleeson that’ll be fighting for that spot.

I loved the look of Redman when he was in the side, that game against WC in particular.

Ridley looked calm & composed in his few games too so hopefully he can provide some of what BJ did.

How Gleeson comes back is a little unknown too IMO, might take a while to find his rhythm again.


Can BJ ruck???



He lost consistency (reckon 3 of his worst 4 EFC games were in the second half of this year)

His best was still very, very good


Best kick the game has seen in the last 20 years.


Franga might get a game or two in 2019…


Redman it is IMO


There are some players who somehow always manage to turn and find a clear metre. The other one in that same game who did that repeatedly was Dyson Heppell. We have a few others who usually get clear: Zerrett, McGrath, Saad, basically through sheer speed. Stringer usually gets a kick away with brute strength. But Heppell and Goddard were the two who seemed to be able to put themselves in space by magic.


I’m super excited for what Redman can do. I wasn’t sold until his afl stint this year.