#9 Brendon James Goddard


Agreed but Francis was playing late in the season in the same team so Francis is a lock already IMO. I think it’s out of Ridley, Redman & Gleeson for the spot BJ had.




Give BJ’s spot to Redman, and slide Ridley into Colyer’s spot.

Although I suspect Gleeson will probably get first crack at the Goddard thing if he has a good preseason.


Ridley… a 192cm defender, into Colyers spot? Surely you jest



191, good runner, excellent disposal, very reliable overhead, positions himself well, reads the play beautifully. Underage started as a forward, became a defender, and even spent time as a mid. Built to be a winger for mine.


If he can actually hold on to the ball, hes already got Trav beat


I was thinking why would we want Ridley to start fumbling.


Built to be an angry and brutal attacking halfback for mine.:wink:


I think that eventually, Ridley takes that spot with Redman moving up to a wing as a link player and possibly McKenna moving to a mid role. BZerk & Francis take Hooker & Hurls roles, with Gleeson, Saad completing the 2nd 6 in defense. Ambrose/Hartley are backup to slot in and make 7.


sounds erotic…


Can’t believe with all the spuds they are picking up they are not taking BJ into the Suns


or Dea

(even Jackson Merrett would look good at the Suns - not meant as a back handed compliment)


Clearly when we spoke of firing the cannon into the sun, this is what we meant.


I wouldn’t take Goddard either if I were them, but I would certainly have a chat to Dea.


Whose to say they didn’t ask?

I would think he would have only been tempted if at all by a club with a flag chance and probably to stay in Victoria also.