#9 Brendon James Goddard


I’m pretty sure that bj blew his wife off for that kiss in the picture. It was just as he was entering the race after the game against port. I’d still be paying for it if I’d done that to my wife on national television. I thought it Pretty funny at the time.


He’s got a long way to go to accept he’s done.


You know journalists rarely write the headline. That’s normally some other ■■■■■■■ looking for sensationalism.


yeah I know


WTF Ivan. Google will remove our ads on this website for that




“I’m over it, I accept it, but why the ■■■■ is that ■■■■ on a list and I’m not!?!”


Goddard has officially announced his retirement from AFL. Was a wonderful addition to the team and dealt with an absolute mess so well. There is no doubt sadness that we couldn’t get him the premiership he was chasing so hard.

Well done BJ - a true Bomber legend in every sense.


Well said redbull.

His impact at the club through our darkest years cannot be underestimated. I hold him in the highest esteem for his unflinching commitment to the club during this time. His unheralded role as the ‘untainted’ spokesperson leading the club in the face of a frothing media was something we should never forget.

Oh and he was a damn fine player too - exquisite footskills, a dangerous forward presence in his first couple of years and then an intelligent and creative distributor off the half back line. A club Captain, a best and fairest, 129 games over 6 years - he gave everything he had and will be remembered as one of the great Essendon people.



Being made a life member. Excellent decision by the board.


Hope he tells them to get stuffed …


Why the fark would he do that?
He loves Essendon.


If there was a guy that I’d bend the life membership rules for (one of premiership player/10 years service/150+ games), BJ is the guy. He’s been a rock for us in troubled times. Obviously sad his time with us was not ended on his terms, but that shouldn’t get in the way of the fact that he served the club brilliantly on the field and just as importantly off it. On his Insta pic Woosha was in attendance. If he had any beef with the club, I’d say the coach would’ve been one of those people.

Well done BJ.


Good move by the club, a fitting end to a great career. What a rock he was for us in our most turbulent times. Nothing but respect for BJ Goddard, he is all class.


Class move by the Club. Would love to see him back a the club in some new capacity when the dust settles.


Will coach Essendon one day.


Yep I reckon he just might


Life membership well earned & deserved. Congratulations Brendon.


The coaches box would need to be a pretzel free zone for OH&S reasons.