#9 Brendon James Goddard




Now, if he had stood there and pointed at the pretzels....


So, umm has BJ on behalf of the Essendon Football Club announced a press conference to apologise to the public for whacking the pretzels and lets not forget the disposable plate onto the floor, or are public apologies like so three years ago? Followed up with counselling.


I'm expecting a Club Statement email any minute now.


Suprised he didn't stand behind a player already eating a pretzel and demand he hand it over...


Nah. Because trumpenreich.


Paging @Rocky_IV




I wanted zerrett as captain, not for the above, hepp will prolly learn to throw himself in the heat of it when the captain is needed similar to selwood.

But zerrett unlike what i believe hepp would do, is demand everyone be putting in the same amount of effort he is and does, on field and off.
I remember him legit having a go in the last match of last year to zaka when he kicked it to the wrong option.
That to me showed he should have been captain, had every right to say fairs fair, it's the last game of a ■■■■ season in our history, so be it.

but no he was expecting a senior player to still do his ■■■■■■■ job. that's a leader this club needs IMO.
Hepp is too much like watson, a good honest bloke who will lead by example and simply expect others to follow.
IMO zerrett would drag ■■■■■ along with him and tell them to ■■■■■■■ do it otherwise ■■■■ off.


What are you basing this on?


mabo ...


A frowny face when goddard smashed a bowl of pretzels off the table instead of grabbing him by the throat and shoving him against the wall.


LOL ... from what I've seen and heard Hepp is far from the laid back 'she'll be right' Captain that you envisage.

The steal a phrase ... he's a ■■■■■■ rippa!


wouldn't be surprised if Hepp's approach to BJ is about 175 degrees compared to his approach towards most of the boys. I actually doubt his immediate reaction to a Conner/Darcy/Raz pretzelthrow would have been the same as it was towards BJ's.


Wouldn't be judging Heppell by his off-field ' she'll be right' persona - this guy is burning from within from the saga trauma and intent on pulling this club back up with him. My sense is that he is a driven and commanding force within the club already - trusted and empathetic. Unlikely to see him jumper-punching mouthy stoats like Taylor Adams, but he is respected and admired greatly by the playing group - don't underestimate how important that is in the building of a 'premiership list'.


Reminds me of the time Matthew Knights got fined for staring at the umpires.

Outrage over a player pushing a bowl of food off the table. Yep, that's the great Australian game now.


I hope you're right.


Go get 'em BJ:


Lol. They look like cheap Dr Who villains.


I see Zerretts leadership like Goddard. He has high expectations of his peers and himself, would probably add McGrath into that category. After Heppell I would hope McGrath is ready for the captaincy. Also think Zerrett can be shut down to a degree, he is getting a lot of ball in defensive 50, as our go to kicker, and good opposition have tried to nullify this and pressure his disposal.

We have a few players that will put the team on their back and carry them dont worry
- Daniher has already carried us across the line a couple of times this year
- hurley down back, I wish we could have hooker down there too!
- Watson - but he is in his last years.

You are probably right that we lack someone who can change a game like Dangerfield in the midfield. - I would probably mark Colyer as our midfield game changer with his dashes through there, but he hasnt been very consistent and has had poor disposal.
Maybe Fantasia can be a elite mid, he definately has the pace, arrogance, hope we can develop him more in the midfield rotations.
Otherwise there is McGrath who has potential there, and is a bit of a ace card of ours we try in the last quarter where he goes into the midfield and racks it up.

And Heppells captains goal from outside 50 against the Hawks was a pretty special captains goal.
I think he will get back to his best of 2015, it will probably be later in the year or next year though.