#9 Brendon James Goddard



Just by the by, .. Who on Earth would want to eat a dry salty rock hard fkn pretzel after playing a half of AFL footy??

Bl00dy ridiculous snack,.. turn into paste in your gob, and sit like a rock in your guts, .. and that's if you could actually swallow!!

I completely u/stand why he did it.


Did you just try to criticise Heppell's leadership by favourably comparing him to one of the greatest leaders this club has ever had? Genius stuff there.


Did you just actually read a dkp post?

Why do you do that?


I miss the ignore function


BJ was asked before his 300th what snacks he wanted in the half time spread. He got ■■■■■■ when then Samboy salt and vinegar chips weren't there as requested.

Perfectly understandable.


Yeah...and what is that crap they wearing!!!!


For the carbs and sodium content after youve sweated out


I like Hepp's style of leadership and I'm sure he's got a ruthless side to him when needed


no i didn't try to criticise him, nor watson ..... shakes my head sigh.

they are merely different leaders and approaches, and the watson/ what i believed to be hepps approach IMO does not work at this club, because most of the players can't self manage themselves.

Like i said hepp seems (altho darli says otherwise) he would simply expect others to follow his footsteps.

Zerrett will stand there yelling at you demanding you ■■■■■■■ do it IMO and then drag your ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ along.

They are merely different approaches, but if you want to see it as criticisng, go for it.


Based on what I just read, I don't think you know anything about any of their leadership approaches.


Does anyone on this forum? we're all just losers with opinions.


correction, based on what you understand of what you read :).
if you thought iwas criticising watson from what i said earlier, i didn't expect you to get or understand what i said then


Most definitely.


Yeah, but there’s opinions based on available evidence and those that aren’t


Opinions that get all 3 people described incorrectly.


I've loved this guy since the moment he stepped through the door.

However, I will never forgive him for this loss tonight.

A player as good as him should know better and do better.

What a bone head move to play on out of the square and not just pump it long.


Getting kick smothered with 20 seconds left in the game...That's a paddlin'




I'll forgive him.

I won't forget though. He owes the team one for that.