#9 Brendon James Goddard


Should have kicked it straight up the guts from the goal square.


I'm certain BJ will be equally as ■■■■■■ off and asking himself similar questions. Sometimes, things happen.


This is the Winner for Dumbest Post of the evening !


I reckon he was good between his fuckup in the first quarter and the one in the last quarter. Certainly put his hand up but found wanting twice.

A good team, a really good team, would either provide a shepherd of the man on the mark, or a short option to reset from. Or both. We left it to one guy.


Not true. Up there with your Mark Harvey is a better coach than Bomber Thompson theory


There's something of Arthurian tragedy about Brendon. In fact, he's a bit like Lancelot. Epic warrior, intense, famous deeds but i fear that ultimately only given a glimpse of the Grail. It unravels for him just at inopportune moments.


He better not bang Hepp's missus.




Can't believe that kick.


While i do blame him for that loss, he has been a good player and servant of this club since coming over from St Kilda. He has his limitations and he makes mistakes like most players do but he gives everything he can to make us better.


I hate our whole kick in strategy, the play on and kick it to a contest that we nearly always lose is so frustrating...
Hurley does it nearly every time and it should be him on the end of the kick ins from McKenna...


Perhaps the Defenders coach will change who kicks in after last night and if they don't they should.


Pretzels everywhere are nervous.


Looks like he's on FC confessional tomorrow night- might be worth a listen.


It's Jay Neagle all over again.


The last kick showed why BJ has no place as captain.

Too many misdirected kicks this year.

Great at pointing at players - not so good as being accountable to picking up players when defending.

The coach deserves some critiscism as it is he who sets up the strategy.

I would have thought a long kick headed to the boundary edge from Hurley or Handley would hve been the answer.

Our kick ins in the first quarter where pretty poor.

In ssheed's day we would have run the clock down - just as we don't tag - we forget how to win.

Looking for a much improved coaching effort in coming weeks.


It was horrifically bad.

He's trusted with the kick out as least likely to stuff it up / most likely to hit a target.

And he makes the dumbest of errors that even McKenna wouldn't have done.

Utterly embarrassing.

Find a man to spot up or clear it long out of the area. Simple and should have been second nature to someone so experienced.


Our leaders lack composure under pressure.


Bring back Fletch, just for kickins


By that logic, where the ■■■■ was heppell?