#9 Brendon James Goddard


What everyone has missed is the Swans had no player manning the mark. It was only at the last minute that Papley came from 20 metres back and on the left side. Goddard saw the mark was unmanned so decided to play on. He was unlucky that Papley came from that side.


BJ has been immense for this club, OK he could have done better, but the sun is still coming up and we are showing we are getting better even without some key players - Hooker, Ambrose, Parish, and Begley coming on quickly and with Lav in the wings.

We are going to get better, and BJ still has a huge role to play this year. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, we are proving this.


If only he was in a better position to assess where everyone on the ground was...


Unlucky?? More or less unlucky than a dog running on to the highway and getting hit by a car?



Was Papley wearing an invisibility cloak?

He was manning the Mark EXACTLY whee he knew Goddard would go, because we go there every damn time.

Luck played no part in this.


Just sit BJ down and tell him that he is no longer allowed to take the kick-outs.

He doesn't have it in him to limit himself. He needs to be told.

His record of screwing things up in the D50 is quite poor. Yes he is a good kick, but he takes too high a risk for the D50, and if he misses by much it always hurts in that part of the ground.


How about Hearts takes the kick ins? Is good for 65 m+.


Is it? What is his record?


Hardly ever see Harts barreling from the kick ins. Usually it's one or two steps and a safe kick.



"These Pretzels can get fkn Knotted!!"


It was weird how our captain put his hand up to win the ball at those last 5-6 stoppages AND worked into space for a chip around when we did have the AND took the kick out - but didn't do any of those things at all.


we still love you bj.


He f**ked up but we should have never been in that position any way.

Essendon ain't no Richmond, this isn't a mental thing. It's just a last 2 minute scenario that we have to practice and learn from.

The reality is this is just a loss in the H&A game. It's not a bad time to drop a game to highlight how bad our last minute strategy is in a close game. Although most will see this as a missed opportunity, it could be an opportunity to address a few issues and when we find ourselves in that situation again, potentially in a final, we know what's required to win.

Goddard will learn from this and if we find ourselves in that situation in the future, I'd be happy to see him kicking out again.

Heads up Blitz, we've been through worse!


Once every couple of years = not a thing
Do it again in two weeks....


Pointer Sisters - Energy - 1978


What we should learn from this is that Goddard should not take kick-outs.
Not ever.

And I'd be more confident about the whole 'we'll learn from this' stuff if it were not for the fact that the lesson about Goddard taking kick-outs should have been been already been learned so hard through aversion therapy that he gets headaches when he drives his car out of a vertical park at the shopping centre.

Edit: sigh It seems I have to make it clear that I'm not actually bagging Goddard.


I thought it was strange that BJ did not side step around him, or even change direction and kick to the fat side . He had an acre of space to run into, could have carried the ball another 10 metres. I guess he had the prime directive to kick the ball wide and accurately and just ignored all other options.

However, many many mistakes are made in games. Its just the last mistake that's focused on, and if it happens to be one of your players that makes the mistake, there's a tendency to string them up for it. I dont agree.


Not sure if posted yet, but...

"I didn't know how long was left but in the front of my mind was about getting yardage and (kicking it) as long and wide as possible, hence the kick to myself," Goddard told Channel Nine.

"In hindsight, I preferably just kick it from the square and not take the risk of playing on.

"But the biggest mistake I did make was I hung onto the ball too long waiting for something to open up late, which generally I like to do and maintain possession."


Which in a nutshell is why he is not the best man to be taking the kick-ins.

Too high a risk if something goes wrong.