#9 Brendon James Goddard


The thought never entered my mind before he took the kick in. If anything, if you asked me at the time who I wanted to have the ball, BJ would have been at the top of my list.


No offence, but had you not seen his previous kick-ins in that game?
Let alone other games this year…
For the small amount he takes, his turnover or very ■■■■■■ nearly turnover rate from that position is ridiculously high.

It’s a specialist job. He’s not suited to it.


Ranked 8th in Total Effective Disposals in the AFL this year.

What data suggest he's done a bad job with kickouts? Because we lost a game in horrible circumstances?


Watching our games?


It's not something I've noticed. Typically I spend most Bomber games rage posting on Blitz. Obviously I'm not paying close enough attention.

Do they keep stats on effective kick outs?


Cool, so no stats? Just "I saw him make a mistake".

The fact is he is in the Top 10 Total Effective Disposals in the AFL this year. If we have someone like that on our list, mistake or not, I'm happy with him taking the kick outs.



And my biggest knock on Stanton is that he seems to lack peripheral vision and gets too many kicks smothered.


Goddard's thinking wasn't flawed, he was just a little too slow to kick the ball. It was a silly mistake and he probably regrets it as much as we do. But if the situation arises again I would back him in to do it well.


I'm sure the club feels the same way.
Which is why I have my dubious face on for all this 'we'll learn from this' stuff.


B Hardie was talking about the Goddard implosion on Saturday. He rightly observed that the Sydney player (Papley?) was committed to the smother and B Goddard had so much time at his disposal that he could have moon-walked sideways and Papley wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it. I thought it was a bit harsh from Hardie because baulking came naturally to him but in saying so, if razzle and the dazzle isn't Goddard's thing then perhaps its best for him to leave that skill in the kit bag for the time being.


If you can point me in the direction of the stat that measures poor kick outs then we'll see where BJ sits on the list.

In the absence of said measurement, I'm with Wim: BJ regularly stinks it up when taking the kick out and should be banned from doing it again.


Serious question. Who's the backline boss? Can for instance M Hurley say to J Daniher "you're good for 70m, you take the kick out and try to get it out by the wing"?


I have spent a bit of time trying to find these stats this morning and they're not available to the public. Only clubs would record these stats internally and unless someone on Blitz goes over the game and marks each kick outs in terms of effectiveness, score involvement, f50 entry... it's too tough for us to know.

The only stat available to me is disposal efficiency which his seems to be good. If he kicks to himself, this counts with his disposal effectiveness. This is why I believe it might not be as bad as we all think. So unless there are any other indicators that point in the way of him making mistakes rather than times we've noticed him make a mistake, there is not too much reason to panic imo.

I did see Wim's post highlighting his concern with BJ kicking in a few rounds ago. With no data, it's hard to judge.


In that instance, in future I think the set play should be Hurls, Hartley (or even Myers) who takes the kick and looks for Joe, TBC or Hooker well beyond the defensive 50. The rest of the team sets up around them.


Do just keep in mind that nobody is questioning whether BJ is a good kick. He is. However his desire for risk, or to try and do something positive, can sometimes outweigh his ability. When he does that within the D50, it can lead directly to goals kicked against you.

If we were talking about who we want to have the ball on the defensive 50m line, or even kicking into the F50, then it is a very very different conversation. Because trying to do a bit too much has a much higher reward, and far less risk in those parts of the ground.


The other part which we do not know is what the coaches want from him when kicking from the backline. In that Sydney scenario, he's trying for a risky kick (which we all know was not correct) when something more simple would have been fine. However, we play a high risk/high reward style of footy and maybe he's been instructed to execute these kicks when in the backline? We do not know.


And again, I'm not blaming Goddard for what happened.
I'm blaming the fact that it was allowed to happen in the first place.


I will also add something else, I didn't watch the game live. I never had the anger that all of you are feeling from how this loss occurred. If I did, I would have broken something and probably showing the same displeasure for BJ taking the kick outs as others.
Because I didn't, I'm looking at it slightly differently and trying to identify positives.


Kick out stats matter for ■■■■ all in this discussion if they don't measure what happens in clutch situations. This is the 2nd time I recall bj taking the kick in and ■■■■■■■ it up Kate in the 4th qtr of s game. The other being Richmond when he took it off Hurley and proceeded to do the same ■■■■ kick to the right wing.