#9 Brendon James Goddard


That sounds reasonable.

But who takes charge? Did D Heppell ask B Goddard to take the kick in, Goodard arbitrarily take the kick in or it was pre-determined by the coaches? Hard to answer I know but I'm curious to know what the methodology is?


Goddard is just bad at the kickouts. Field kicking he is top notch, from the kickouts he is always turning it over.

Problem is he keeps putting his hand up to take them and nobody says no.


Just give it to conor and let him do it heath shaw style everytime. Short kick overlap run 60metres up the wing.


Joey seems like the guy who would step on the line winding up to launch it 70 meters though.


Lol. That could happen.


we've been rubbish at kick outs in nearly every game this year. When we are trying to defend, the only option used is long bomb to the right.
It's not the kicker that's the issue, it's the strategy that's adopted when we are under pressure that needs to be worked on.
A Plan B I hear you say.


So you reckon a short kick to the left might be a better choice? Couldn't hurt.


At this point I'll take a soccer along the ground 15 metres out, as long as it isn't to the ■■■■■■■ right again and again and again.

It's like our players have undergone a hemispheric separation and lost the ability to function on one side.

It's giving me the shiits.


No one mentioned the poxy kickout by Zerret in the first quarter that was marked by Parker and directly resulted in a goal.


Feel free to timecode every error in the game, then.


I think the point 'BJ is not great at kicking out' is well made and has been blown entirely out of proportion, although I've neither stats nor time stamps to prove this. :slight_smile:


We have to learn how to win close games. Its not as though we have had much practice in the last 18 months


So…who’s Kate, eh?


Goes out with Ivan’s Coner.


So many mini David Kings so confused by this concept.


Myers might have been better choice if he had have been playing. What's done is done.


I have heard that we do no specific kick out drills at training. I find this hard to believe yet from watching how we go about them it makes complete sense. I imagine there will be some time spent on it now with Goddard no doubt a large part of it.

Can any track watchers confirm if we do practice our kick outs?


It's the last layer apparently.


I also bet we do little or no training at night under lights......something that I find quite strange in the day of being ultra allover every aspect of the game!


We have 3 of the longest kicks going in Hartley,Hurley and Myers and yet I rarely see them bomb it.
Fletcher used to with great effect.