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So… me. I have been called many things in my life and nothing is more offensive than being referred to as a “Mini David King”.

I’m about to go re-think my life.


At that stage of the game they shouldn’t have been bombing it unless they couldn’t get a direct pass to a player.


I may be wrong, as usual. But I was under the impression that putting your arms around a player and holding/grabbing/swinging without he having the ball - was a free kick. I don’t think the rule book specifies at which point in the game this applies, or on which part of the ground.


I’m not foolish enough to think that the particular incident cost us the game. Give me a little credit.


Marty was trying to push Rohan backwards legally over the goal line by backing into him, and you actually see Rohan lift Marty both feet off the ground and swing him behind him.

No one seems to be blaming Marty for being “out wrestled”, more saying he needed more support than being allowed to be caught one out, but no one seems to want to give credit to Marty for covering him legally only to be picked up and slung behind illegally.

Any player could probably pick up any other player from behind, to wrestle back you need to have a hold of the other player. And, as everyone says, if Marty did it to him there would at least be an outcry of cheating and a free kick if the umpire saw it.

See the Marty thread if you want to see this.


Have you never watched Tom Hawkins?
The secret rule book locked in Gill’s office drawer, alongside Jobe’s Brownlow, has specific exemptions.
Eg Lumbering full forwards, NSW & Queensland teams.


I’m not an umpire conspiracy theorist, I’m afraid.
I understand that game tempo, crowds, and even specific players and their histories may slightly effect how things are interpreted. But I don’t believe in a structured and methodical campaign against any team by umpires, or, indeed, any instructions from the AFL to umpires.


Leif would be proud of you mate. :sunglasses:


Now don’t go confusing the issue with facts.

This is the blitz after all.


I’m not saying you are. But a lot of people are focusing on that Rohan mark and trying to turn it into a free. There’s no way it was IMO


Its a T Shirt quote but apt to contemplate at times like this:

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan


A forward gets the free there every time

Terrible double standards but there it is


Baloney - free kick to Rohan inside a heart beat.


Some of you people epitomise the glass half full mindset.


You seem to be a glass half Sydney.


Unduly block, bump, push or hold. That;s the rule. Personally, I reckon that’s a free kick to a forward more times than it’s not. Except in the last 5min of the game when the Umps often choose to officiate the game completely differently to the preceding 115min.


100% disagree.

You cannot grab hold of a bloke in a marking contest, let alone pick him up off the ground and sling him behind you.


I always wonder why anyone ever references the rules of the game. I’ve never read a single word other than what people post here. Surely people know the game is adjudicated on “look and feel” rather than adherence to any code.

As I said before, if Joe did that to Rance in the goalsquare he’d be paid the mark and we’d all wet ourselves.

EDIT: But I accept that we won’t agree on this because everyone has their own view on the game’s rules and where they should be. That’s partly the reason our game is so flawed…


Will be BOG this week against Brisbane!


Given his middle name is Oliver, … he’s technically BOG every week.