#9 Brendon James Goddard


I thought it was James. Hence the ‘BJ’ nickname.




:wink: Jest.


I thought only nags wore blinkers.


And AT is trying to find out how to put Deckham on ignore. A conspiracy against EFC by the umpires and the AFL is an established ‘fact’ since the days of McCracken


He’s stitched you right up there, @Diggers


Ha Ha, indeed!


Laugh it up, fuzzball


HA HA, indeed!


Is next week his 100th Game for Essendon?






Against the Saints of all teams. Couldn’t have been scripted better.


was priming for a hanger last game, looking fit and firing is BJ


He looked surprising agile on the wing, watching live.


Congratulations and good luck for your 300th BJ.


Not sure if extracting it, or just confused?

But it’s his Hundredth with US tonight there md…

(His 300th is one we don’t talk about … )


Probably a nice time to acknowledge what he has done for our club, or should I say HIS club. After a hundred games he’s no longer an outsider or a visitor or a mercenary.
Good on you BJ, thanks for holding us up, thanks for the passion and I hope you get some success because you’ve sure done the hard yards.
Great clubs need all personalities and yours definitely has a role here.


after zerrett went down he turfed greenhack, turfed him hard and good

wish all our players had his fever, finger pointing and all, what a fkn champ


■■■■■■■ love him!