#9 Brendon James Goddard


As do I.


He’s done a fantastic lot for the club. Hope we can see him out like Watson with a flag. One more year in them both.


It’s a pretty good effort to play 100+ games at 2x different clubs. Been a very good addition, in spite of all the pointyness.


He’s playing pretty decent football this year for a guy who is 32 and looked cooked two seasons ago.


Triggers 2018 tomorrow night.


That’s a great video. I think I’d have to say, Goddard has been my favourite player for the past five years. He won me over in that drawn grand final for the Saints, and I was so stoked when he joined us. The guy has been nothing but awesome for this club in this darkest time when he could’ve just cracked the sads and tried to move on. Instead he took it all on. Fantastic Bombers man for life. Aside from Jobe, he’s the guy I desperately want us to win some finals for.


Even though he said when he retires he would see himself as more of a Saints player than an Essendon?


It is a very good video. Nicely done.


who cares? hes a mercenary and a consummate professional.


I can tell you which team he played in a grandy with and who he won a spoon with.


Losing a GF just means you were a better loser. :grinning:


A premiership should change that.


hero of the club, hope they name a gym after him


"ALL POINTS " Gym & Fitness.


For all the hype around him being a leader, that last free kick and 50 he gave away was amatuer stuff.


Lay off him mate, there were no pretzels around.


Maybe thats why he rubbed his face into the dirt.



Agree. If that was a kid you’d take him off and tear him to pieces. Goddard was supposed to be a leader and let his own selfish temper cost us a goal.


I didn’t mind it, game was well and truly over. Should have brought some of that at the start of the game towards JJ though


It was a selfish, pointless act that only served to give them a goal when the game was dead. Embarrassing for a “leader” to act like an idiot and hand them a goal. Under no situation is that acceptable. If he wanted to act tough how about doing something to JJ when the game was in the balance?