#9 Dylan Shiel be right, mate - from July 2022

I would agree to a point if there was a rule that a young player doesn’t play back to back sub weeks


The sub farkn sucks.

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our best subs are all best 22 players now
Guelif, Cox & Hind

As for the rest agree with Dooley & Cjohns
Hobbs is good if can;t quite make the 22.
But if not him then prefer to see Alwyn or Jayden Davey or Tex Wanganeen over Shiel or Tsatas who have both been pretty average comin on as sub. And also would offer a lot more to the VFL side with a full game inside mid and thus assisting development of other vfl players.

hes been awful, even the 2nd half of last weekend was like ok this is the bare minimum to expect of a player of his level.

Probably more how i feel than anything. Sub rule should be abolished asap

How many on the interchange bench?
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Sub or no sub
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No no, I watched. I won’t profess to being there and seeing it first hand but there is absolutely no world where you can convince me that it’s OK to give up 9 goals to 1 when you have 4x previously or current listed AFL players in your starting centre clearance setup, and one of them is a 200 game veteran midfield expert (one trick pony) who had only 2 touches (!!!) in this period while genuinely challenged by a bunch of nobodies.

It’s telling that Shiel is either completely cooked (and as you’ve noted this is far less likely due to his second half impact) or simply just not invested like good consistent players are required to be. The sooner he’s gone, the better.

Phil carman?

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Shiel was an in form AFL midfielder midway through last year, he is a hulking athlete who’s main capability is winning clearances and bursting from any stoppage at AFL, with enough game smarts to rack it up at AFL level 30+ a game.

If he is not getting 35 and dominating the midfield with a tag at VFL level then he isn’t trying. He should be torching the opposition at will. With his smarts, strength, speed and just generally being a much better footballer.

He isn’t doing that, not only is he not doing it, he is doing it for the occasional qtr or half.

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He’s def an enigma these days.

I’d like to think he’s agreed with the coaches to get some VFL games under his belt pre bye without picking up another injury. And the plan is to pick up the pace and push for 1s selection post bye. He’s experienced, works well with Zach and still very capable if fit and lively.

Because with Tsatas now presumably back to the VFL, Setters a walking injury and Stringer hopefully reduced to the odd CBA only, we could do with him for this run in given also DP3 is out for a while.

For mine a midfield group of Merrett, Duz, Caldwell, Perkins, Hobbs and then Shiel seems a good balance to go forward with.


I’d like to think he’s agreed with the coaches to get some VFL games under his belt pre-end of the year, and then request a trade at the conclusion of said year.

Maybe that’s just me.

Maybe he was told to have a block of VFL games before the bye and then we’ll bring him in post bye. What we are seeing is self preservation mode in the VFL, prepping for a senior return. Just get through injury free and not knocked around, whilst rebuilding game fitness and awareness. Like others have pointed out, he is too good a player to be VFLing, and too much of a competiter to be not wanting to play when we are sitting in the top 4. A fit Shiel with fresh legs could be very handy late in the season.


If sheil isn’t the go to clearance mid, which we seem to be trying to avoid, he needs to be reliable defensively and I’m not sure that’s been a feature of his game this year or any year.

If he can’t do the basics of team mentality, and he isn’t going to be around next year, then we should be playing others in his place.

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The only way I see him coming into seniors is as sub or if we have 2-3 starting mids injured.

Dursma and Hobbs to come back after or soon after the bye and Parish a few weeks later.

Depth and fitness in midfield in seniors and VFL is important going into the back end of the season.


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He couldnt get a game when duursma, parish, hobbs & setterfield were injured.

He certainly isn’t getting one when they are fit

Its quite clear he’s been told his time at essendon is done imo


He won a best and fairest - so you could say it worked then?

Trade definitely didn’t work overall.

He may not be completely cooked in the league but I reckon he’s had his papers stamped here for sure.

Shiel won a best and fairest? :thinking:

Ah sorry - he came 2nd. Got confused with Smith coming in and winning one.

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I tend to agree but I think thats really poor player management if true. If the coaches weren’t committed & the player not motivated to getting him into the best 22 then he should have been traded out last year. Having a player on our list who is already mentally not on our list is a burden. Maybe somebody like Saad gets that spot from the start of the season & takes his chance.