#9 Dylan Shiel be right, mate - from July 2022

Yeah I saw that several times, you wouldn’t know he was a lefty

Well the Pres told me, so l suppose that’s a release.

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Look out. Was it over a glass of red?

I was pleasantly surprised with his kicking. Both the fact he was able to cover 50m, but also his use on the non-preferred.

loose lips sink ships…

If he keeps playing the way he did in the 2nd half last week, then I’m delighted to have him for another year.

Played well.

Played unselfish.


Was far from our worst but watching him play exclusively on ball all night just brings back memories from the last 5 years of us being crap.

I just want to move on with the young blokes and stop playing the older guys who arent taking us anywhere.

Please, just play Hobbs or Tsatas and be done with Shiel.
The same goes for Heppell, who I finally think is done after tonight.

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I thought he was one of our fewer brighter spots tonight. I’d drop half the team before I looked at shiel based on tonight.


I’m so glad he got a game ahead of tsatas

Let them earn a spot, like Shield did this year.

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he’s developing for the future. screw playing others to get them gametime, we have to pump games into him to develop years in the future.

One of the few who didn’t fumble


His old habit of staring at he ground as he kicks popped up again tonight.

he’d probably be a decent kick if he ever looked where he was kicking it.


If we merged Sheil and Tsatas would we have a player who could kick?

There was a period in the third I think where he let bombing it into may and lever. Never had the time to get off a good disposal. ■■■■ handballs as wel.

Why on earth would you think that?

That’s like expecting two ugly parents to create a supermodel

-10 X -10 = +100

perhaps that logic?

SOS still not over his GWS obsession.



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Sugar hit first games back.

He isn’t part of our future