#9 Dylan Shiel be right, mate - from July 2022

Issue is with a side full of midfielders we are having to play players out of position.

Shiel up forward is a disaster. He is terrible overhead and can’t use his break out speed.
I wish they would rotate Setterfield, Shiel, Parish and Merrett through the middle. But they are persisting with Stringer and although he’s great it’s throwing out the balance.

I just don’t see the point in playing Shiel for the rest of his career as a HFF.

Senior players being this soft sets the tone for the squad i worry. A few times today he was scared to even go up for the ball. It’s weird because he has good size, yet pulls out of a lot of contests.


Some of his efforts today were as half arsed as I’ve seen from him.


I thought he had been good this year when he started in the centre square. Seems to have been banished from that role.

So he’s over 30, not good enough to be our a full time mid and we let him put in half arsed efforts when it suits him. Nice.

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Not a good game by him.

David myers yourself to another team.

Sorry Dylan but you go missing when we need experienced players to stand up and be counted. Went missing again At a crucial time.


I can’t wait for the rest of the list to improve to the level this bloke is on or…

There will be a few replays when they do the review of this game that should make him very uncomfortable.

What picks did we use again to get him? And who would have we likely selected at these picks?

Caldwell and aiden bonar

Zak. Butters, Sam de Koning

If we were to fill a list need…
It would have been Riley Collier-Dawkins and Charlie Constable.
Then we would have melted because we should have taken Callum Wilkie and Tim Kelly…

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Has he been rubbed out for shirt fronting a precious Port Kid yet?

One of the worst decisoons to give up 2 first rounders for this guy

A very average footballer

He started the season really well, but has dropped off badly in the past few weeks. His lack of composure under pressure is so disappointing, especially for a player of his experience. We needed him to stand up during that incredibly tough run of games, but unfortunately he was pretty ordinary for most of it.


And in a position we didn’t really need. We had other priorities.


Shiel has xavs dirty travla mitts all over him.