#9 Dylan Shiel


Ok… there was a very talented bloke and his 5/6 year old boy having a kick that I was very impressed with.


I heard the guy in the white T-shirt had an even longer conversation with Dyan Shiel.


That is an obscene highlight real. I have no words. this guy plays for us? Surely there’s been some mistake.


he is a GUN


My favourite part in that highlight reel is when we fumble making the clearance. Everyone holds their position and plays their role waiting for it come straight back to us again rather than all go in for it. Cool heads, trust in team mates and clearance won.


Merrett had an awesome game. But Shiel was still BOG. That was Judd like.


Merrett and Heppell had terrific games. Either could have been BOG.

Shiel however was just a step above. Unvbelievable second quarter. He is the missing piece.

As Bruce said, he put on a clinic.


Imagine how we’d feel if Fark Carlton did nab him and he was putting on that show for them and we were struggling. We’d be as forlorn as all forlornly could be.


886 metres gained on Friday, a new personal best for Dylan.


The thing is though, if Hepp and Zerret weren’t getting it out to him then Sheil wouldn’t have had the chance to impress. They were amazing too, just in different roles.


Watching that highlights reel again and going on some of the other non calls this year I’m surprised he was pinged for running too far


I thought Stringers the week before was surprising too. I’ve watched most games and can’t think of another running too far free.


Guelfi does some nice stuff in that clip too. And, perhaps for the first time in his career, Myers is actually consistently handballing at stoppages. Obviously under instructions to find Shiel at every opportunity.


Right now Buckley is trying to work out whether to tag Shiel or Zerret.
If he watches the 10 minutes when we tore North about 5 new ones, he will really not be able to figure out which one.

Thursday is shaping to be a massive contest, but there will be pressure and there will be mistakes, so its not going to be as easy for Shiel as it was with Norf.

So lets hope we have practiced plans B, C and D over the preseason.


Surely Buckley backs his boys in.
his concerns would be clearances - but if Grundy can give them first use, then dont expect to see Shiel running away with it as much.

Grundy vs Tommy is big matchup and will go a long way to winning midfield battle

Pendelbury - Heppell
Treloar - Shiel
Sidebottom - Merrett
Adams - Smith

Buckleys concerns are probably our overall speed

  • Fantasia - Hard tag
  • Tippa probably a bit munted, but still needs a good defender.
  • Daniher can turn the match with some big goals.

And not to bomb it in to their forwards. Even tho Cox is 7 foot, you probably back Hooker to out mark him.

they would be watching what Giants and saints did to us. and try and choke us coming out of defence.


Apparently if you are kicking out from defense you can run 25m. The amount of players kicking out I have seen run too far and not get pinged is crazy compared to that Shiel one.


Mainly because he was kicking on his right :grin:

His kicking needs work as he is clearly adjusting his kicking because his ball drop is an issue at the moment. Hopefully he can resolve it with some practice so he is competent. Watson had a similar issue early in his career and sorted it.


I’ll admit to not watching him really closely before this year, but I think he’d be better by foot if he took some steadying steps just prior to launching the kick. His short kicks are pretty good, nicely weighted and in front of his target but his long kicks are often at the end of some explosive burst running.


He seems to have a natural hook on his longer kicks especially. That is technique and can be improved to be a less of an issue.

Let’s face it, if he gets that right he will be one of the top players in the comp…FAP FAP FAP :slight_smile:

Biggest bonus he brings now is you either tag him or Zerrett. The best teams always force the opposition to choose which player to tag, not know who to tag because there is only one option.


Zaharakis still cops an outside tag from time to time.

Carlton usually tag Merrett on the inside and in transition and Zaharakis on the outside.