#9 Dylan Shiel


Since his biggest strength is his explosive run and carry of the ball that should typically mean he finishes with a kick. But I like that he mixes it up as you don’t want to be too predictable and the opposition are ready for you to take off and you get nabbed. Although he does have the pace to pull it off most times.


And yet the overuse of handball plays right into their hands given their improved pressure.


Again, absolutely agree. And obviously if they were spoken to about it, it didn’t sink in.


No goal Shiel


I friggin’ hope not, seeing as how it wasn’t an issue.


Agree mate. Whether he was instructed to play like this or he just went into his shell he was nowhere near as damaging playing the handball game. Even his bad kicks in the last few weeks have gained a lot of territory and worked out far more often than not. Kick the ■■■■■■■ ball!


“Dylan, give it off by hand so that someone else can bomb it long and high on Joe’s head.”


I want 2018 prettiness. Though the stat increases are useful too.


Interesting. Stats wise he is doing more in 2019 but in a much smaller area and less going back. Maybe with Saad and McKenna we don’t need Shiel’s speed in defence as much.


Congrats in advance to Shiel for breaking his Essendon goal Maiden!!
Not one… not two… but THREE big ones tonight!
(Highly Optimistic!)


That’s gonna be a fantastic first quarter.


On second thoughts, I’m unsure whether Shiel even has a heartbeat at this point.


Been so bad tonight


Struggling with the hard tag. He will shake it off second half.


Give the man a break I reckon, he’s allowed an off game or two


he will come good. and kick his first goal


Positive of Shiel’s game to date - we know how we’d go if he isn’t playing.


Could be the first player that requests a trade back to his old club mid season.


You reckon the Hawks would give us a 3rd rounder for him?


Thrashed by Hewett. 8 possessions to three quarter time. Good grief.