#9 Dylan Shiel


He is a run and soace player. Game wasnt suited to him.


Hewitt moved on to Merrett in the the second. They send to role a few through Shiel, Jones most prominently. Parker also had a clear intent come off his man to block him all night


Should also be said that he lifted in the last and tried to drag us over the line


His first 3qtrs was terrible. He lifted in the last. We needed a lot more from him last night


He’s been trying to get used to our game style and game plan and just discovered we don’t have one.


Its pretty clear that today if a club decides to target a player they can shut them down. Look at O’meara last week. They halved his disposals one week to the next. The thing is that usually allows another mid to get off the leash, as Zerret and Hepp did last night. But it was actually our poorest 6 players, who were so bad compared to the Sydney kids that cost us the game.


This is so true. There were 6-10 passengers that only had to lift 10% and we would have won the game. You’d hope for a good 4 or 5 changes at least this week.


Nah - the only reason they look different is because of the volume of data and the way the map is drawn.


You just wonder why we don’t play a tagger. Look at the grief it gives Shiel and Merrett


We are not getting full value from his possessions. It’s that simple. He’s not an elite player in a real sense until we do.


In the way that the game is played now, most clubs have taggers except us. That is just another way in which we make hard work for ourselves. We’re at doing that.


That would require tactics… Essendon no do tactics - it’s no how we roll, baby!


He has done it. First goal for the bombers. Many more to come.


Thought he was great tonight. 25 disposals, 13 contested, 2 goals and the best part went at 76 percent efficiency.


Dylan! Great game, awesome kicking and 2 goals!!!



BOG for mine.


finally broke through and kicked 2 goals! Hopefully it has now broken the dam wall and we will start seeing these goals more consistently.


Good game, hopefully this is a sign of things to come. We don’t have many goal kickers & need some mids to kick goals for us


His best game so far for the club.