#9 Dylan Shiel


Haha I’ve been doing it for weeks, I don’t even like Cold Chisel.



His passing was definitely a lot better. Forget which one, probably in the 2nd qtr where he gave a very nicely controlled pass to a leading forward. Him getting to know his players better and them knowing him will grow and help.


The whole disposal thing has always been bullshit.

His turnover per game average is the same as Tim Kelly, Taranto, Scicily, Jake Lloyd (who are all apparently brilliant users) and better than Boak, Gaff, Yeo, O’Meara, Higgins, Oliver, Crouch.

Since it became a “thing” about his disposals every single week commentators are carrying on that he’s “improved his disposal this week”.

The narratives that football comes up with are fkn stupid, hopefully well and truly buried now he got a few goals.


Agree. Really gave me the sharts hearing them joke about it multiple times in a row on 774 (after perfect disposals) just because it was something to say. Yawn.


I think it was a deft right footer too


So, game 150 for Shiel.
Sure to put in big one for the milestone.
30+ possession game with a goal.


Oh ■■■■. It’s a milestone game!


It’s was McGrath’s milestone game (50th) against Freo and we did ok.


I think it’s 145 this week?


145 possessions?


Interesting, Footy Live (the app I reference mostly) says 149, AFL Live says 144. I’ll go with AFL Live since it’s the AFL’s app. Thanks


Yeah 145 games this week


Yeah - because the AFL are always right aren’t they - even when they’re not!


what happened to Shiel? I stopped watching for a while. why is he off?


Hammy strain


■■■■ off!


Any idea how long he might be gone?


sorry dylan.


He hasn’t even left the ground, let alone had scans yet.

However, I expect to be told it is a minor strain and that he’ll end up missing 8 weeks.


Shattered for this young man.