#9 Dylan Shiel


Would have to be tempting just to give him this week off, then bye then back for Hawks game 100% fit without any doubts


If he felt some ( even slight) “tightness”, and wanted to come off, that’s the smart, mature thing to do. So instead of like a young player risking it, and turning it into a 6 week hammy he makes it a 2 week job. Then he absolutely did the right thing.


Thank fark. We’ve had some serious hammies of late so good news

Got to give him the week off

We had Lav experience tightness in his hammie last preseason. Scans showed no issue. Then pinged it in practice match that week.


Wait, didn’t we just sack our entire fitness staff because he did a hammy? Call everything into question? Overthrow the board?


Please dont play him! Give him two weeks off.


Wont play this week, has the bye which will give him 2 weeks off. Comes back for the Hawks game


We should be able to get the job done without him.

but thats what i thought against Sydney too with Daniher!
Will need Shiel in the back end of the year we shouldnt risk him.


Yep. However, if we had a six day break this week and no bye next week, I’d fully expect us to play him.



Who else have I missed? I can’t see how we can get the job done with no one up forward and out best clearance player gone.

Who will stop Cripps?
I’m sure that spider Curnow will go to Merrett and shut him down
Fisher is playing ok and I expect Plowman or Dowle to have a blinder like most duds do against us.




Nobody has stopped him all year and they’ve only won one game.


Tagged by DeBoer vs GWS. 12 possession game


De Boer stopped him good and proper, 2 weeks ago, I believe.
But then again, DeBoer is now the top tagger in the comp.


Yes he did. My point was, he’s one of the best players in the AFL and he’s in the worst team, that can’t win regardless of how much he dominates. I don’t think GWS would have lost if DeBoer didn’t keep him under wraps.


Simpson and Thomas will rack up 70 uncontested possessions combined without an Essendon forward within 50m of them


Reconfirmed by Crow in the injury report. Will need to get through training and a fitness test to play. Would think it unlikely.


We’re only playing Carlton we can rest him…


If you can stand, you pass the EFC fitness test.


Because Carlton will play an extra defender. Situation normal.


Come on people, give our fitness department some credit here, it’s not like they have a history of player mismanagement!