#9 Dylan Shiel



“I have come from a club that is regarded as one of the most talented in recent decades but in my last few years we were getting beaten by teams that had better systems. We came out short against teams that were able to play a better brand of footy in finals.

“Talent can get you so far but it’s about molding that talent together and that is our biggest challenge at the moment.”


He’s having a dig at worsfold.


Lol, no he’s not. And it’s interpretations like this that make it hard for players to ever share their opinions.


Reckon he’s having a dig at Blitzers personally.


“You can’t bluff your way through a season, so we’ve got a lot of work to do.”


He’s not. Have a listen to the whole interview.


Looks like Shiel is still showing after effects of the Ablett hit.



watch the system destroy carlton on sunday.

its gonna be glorious.


You’re saying his interview was all tongue in cheek?


Careful Dylan, you’ll be issued with a please explain from the playing group and be asked to apologise


If you had 2 x low end top 10 picks (say 8 & 8) in consecutive drafts, the chance of drafting a Dylan Shiel is not high. We might only get him for 5-7 years but he’s worth 3 of those picks. Absolute gem.


love the boys pace. core strength is intense.


I’d like to propose Dylan for our next coach.


And he is out, didn’t pass the fitness test today.


I’m pretty pleased with that. I would much rather he has until after the bye to get right.


Dylan Clarke in?


Fingers crossed (but don’t know for certain)


Dont worry Dylan, you won’t be experiencing that again anytime soon.


Like for like


Oh yeah but D Clarke comes a lot cheaper than D Shiel, a lot cheaper