#9 Dylan Shiel


He is saying what a lot of us have said on BB except more eloquently.


Precisely, plus obviously he’d get smashed if he said it how we do


Needs a big 2nd half of the season. Been good without being great although he’s shown some great things.


His whole career has been like this. Good but never great.


He has always had a bit of a habit of going missing when things get hard. Let’s hope he fixes it.


He has been a big disappointment for me.


He came with pretty lofty expectations. As much as it might annoy some people to say, i think chucking Clarke in the guts has thrown the balance of our midfield out a little. Hopefully they can work it out.


His reputation and pay packet far exceed his performances for Essendon.


Are you guys serious ? Shiel has played well and earns his pay, especially if he has to put up with ■■■■■ from all of you.


Weird bunch of comments above yours BF, seriously strange.


Well you know what the children are like after a lose.


And yet his performances exceed most of the remainder of our midfield. Says plenty about how we’re going, does it not?


Ranked 5th in the league for center clearances, 6th for inside 50’s and 17th for total clearances.

He is doing exactly what we brought him in for.


If you’re referring to me, all i said was he’s had a rep for going missing in tougher games (see GWS finals campaign). I haven’t canned his output since coming to Essendon. He was down on impact a tiny bit last night but we’ve added Clarke to the inside midfield mix.


Reputations mean little.

His output speaks for itself


I definitely won’t begrudge Shiel in any of his future endeavours.


Trust me, Shiel is the least of our problems


No, more in regards to comments like he isn’t earning his pay packet, or that he is a big disappointment.

We targeted him because we needed someone who gets clearances. His numbers say he is in the upper echelon of the AFL in that regard. Hence, he is earning his keep.

Dunno about the goes missing bit, I guess he did last night, but ANZAC day was fairly willing and he was everywhere. Probably haven’t seen him enough in those kinds of games to argue either way.


If the whole team played as badly as Shiel we would be top 4 at least.


I thought he swung the game in the second quarter last week.

I though they put a lot of with into him last night.