#9 Dylan Shiel


I though he played conservatively last night. Almost like he was concerned he would get injured and didn’t really hit top pace.


Coming up against his old side for the first time, in a few days…


He played round 1 right?


No one played.




Good point.


So, will not be tagged by DeBoer. I think they would like to tag him, being an ex player, but its 50/50 up between Shiel and Zerret as to who might be more damaging.

Since we never hear any noise from GWS supporters, I doubt they will boo Shiel tonight.


Matt DeBoer is injured anyway so wont be playing.


Or will there be enough of the GWS supporters to be heard over the red and black?


I wonder how Shiel’s first season would have looked with some more availability of bigger forwards, and where imprecise bombing might have been a tad more successful?


That goal was a beauty.

The burst through the middle and then fluffed handball was not.

Pretty good game though.


He needs to back himself more.

Can’t help but think that the criticism of his kicking has affected his confidence in his kicking.

He’s actually a decent kick on both sides.

A couple of times in the past 2 weeks he has run to 50 and then handballed when he clearly should have taken a shot


Yep. He was way more dangerous early in the season when he was just hoofing it forward. Might have been bad for his efficiency but it was gaining huge territory. If our forwards can maintain the pressure from last night he’d get a lot more reward for doing that.



Thought he was great. The gws guys kept trying to cheap shot him when he was on the ground in the packs. He didn’t back down

It’s so so so good seeing an essendon mid who is able to burst out of a pack at speed


Was it Himmelberg that ripped his head off after the GWS mark and they didn’t reverse it? If Hooker did that they’d reverse it and pay 50 just for fun.


Gold. “Told me he was a pretty gifted forward”. Hooksey blowing his own trumpet. Love it. :rofl:



I think Shiel was happy last night.


Played well today.

Nails those goals, and it’s a complete game.