#9 Dylan Shiel


His kicking to teammates was ■■■■.


He kicks to leads that never appear. He needs to work out how our forwards move and kick to that space instead.


Had about 35 mates.

Was a ■■■■ game all round.

But this guys a jet. Smart(ish) footballer, gets to a lot of contests.


Needs to learn to kick between the big sticks and not at them. Would have to be leading the ratio for shots at goal for posters this year. If that isn’t a stat that gets recorded, it ■■■■■■ well should be


Worked his ■■■■ off. Had 9 tackles, next closest in the team was about half that. If he kicked 2 of those missed goals on the run from 40m+ we’d be raving about his game


He needs to learn that he isn’t a left footer. He is much better on his right boot.


One day he’s going to nail one of those bursting out of the centre shots at goal.

It’ll be the sealer in our first finals win.


He’s kicked 4.11 and probably a couple on the full. It’s the difference between him being merely very good and absolutely destructive.


That anyone has to defend him is evidence enough that he is not great.

Very good though, and yes, I do hope he works out how to improve his kicking.


He was good aside from the finishing. The one from 50 he slammed into the post he flushed. He just needs to stop kicking at 100% running speed. He’s always under pressure, never gets time to steady and straighten. If only his teammates understood what a shepherd was…


They don’t.


Watch that kick towards goal with 11.55 remaining in the 2nd qtr.
Looks like he pulled out the 7 Iron from 55m out to allow Tippa to run onto the ball in the goal square.
He timed it beautifully though, and the ball ends up hitting the far goal post well above the padding.
Glorious long kick !


I missed most of the first half of the season being overseas… so I’ve only watched full games since the bye - I love his acceleration from a pack, haven’t seen that in an essendon player for a while - but apart from the noted dud kicking - I’ve also noticed he also seems to fire out some really dud handballs that go straight to the opposition or barely hit a teammate. Some were particularly costly over the last few weeks.


He absolutely tore North to shreds last time. Back end of the second quarter had a ridiculous purple patch and we kicked something like 4 goals in 5 minutes.

Finished with 10 inside 50’s and 886 meters gained. To put that in perspective, Jake Lloyd averages 500 odd metres gained per match… and is 1 in the comp.

More please.


His second quarter that game was Judd/Ablett Jnr at their prime levels of domination. Just looked in a different class to everyone else out there.


Yep, it was wild. I thought we had recruited the greatest player ever at that point.

I think that metres gained my by close to an all time record, definitely a season 2019 record.

EDIT: Damn, Siciliy has broken 900 metres this season :expressionless:


Playing his 150 game this week.

Milestone game. We did it for Zaharakis and won. So damn it we should do it for Shiel.


He also kicked incredibly well that day spotting up just about everything he went for inside 50.

Arguably Saturday was his best performance since the North game.

Lucky he didn’t get called for taking the advantage on that soft free to McKernan early in the last though. Would have finished with 0.4

I was dirty when he missed the one streaming out of the centre in the last. Not because it was a terrible miss but because it would have brought the house down and all but ended the contest.

Regardless, we wouldn’t have won on Saturday without him. He was excellent in all facets, a few errant disposals aside



I thought that would have been the game. And then McGrath didn’t make the distance on his streaming run as well.

So had to sit there fkn nervous whilst Swans came back at us.


Yeah, he’s one of the guys that can really kick a team lifting goal. Actually a bit like Cale, Shiel because of the way it looks and Cale because he celebrates like a madman.