#9 Dylan Shiel


Dylan Shiel is all class.
He is in his prime,an inside mid.
A genuine leader that will influence all other mids.
Sure,he isnt Bont,Cripps,or Fyfe.
But he is a good size,and an A grader.

Cant wait to see him turn it on Round 2 at Marvel live.


Not only finds space around the ground but also around his commas.


I went and watched this morning. He actually didn’t touch it until cotchin hit him and then he had it 7 times in the second half of the first quarter


Pretty confident this guy will elevate his game playing at a big club and could potentially be a top ten player.

I was super excited about Stringer last year but Shiel is even more important


There are plenty of good teams that don’t have Bont, Cripps and Fyfe and they do alright.


One could argue the teams that do have those players don’t do alright.


Hope Shiel, TBell, Hepps, Merrett, Smith, Zaka, McGrath, Stringer, Parish, Langford, Walla, Fantasia, Myers, Guelfi, Begley, Mutch and Clarke are all spending a lot of time together over the next 6 months.


Tour the GWS training facilities with Dylan Shiel.



Yeah fair point.
But theyd do a fark load worse without them.

I was mainly talking in relation to having alot of mids around tbe 182cm mark.
Recently,until Langford emerged and Stringer was recruited,we had Myers as our 190cm mid.

Amazing how quick the wheel has turned there.


Amongst other changes this year, Heppell, Lang and Myers stepping up in that role post Rd 8, made the world of difference to our stoppages… Another year into Lang, Myers staying fit, Stringer building his tank for longer bursts in the middle (it’ll still only be bursts though), and now Shiel… we’re good for inside. Never needed a behemoth, just someone who can break even with the bigger guys, and isn’t a liability when having to spread or chase.


Yeah,thats it.


If you ignore Heppell completely…


You have to ignore him… half the people on here (probably more) think he’s an outside mid or a half back flanker. ■■■■■■ if I know what games they watch


Yeah yeah,so i missed Hepps.


…and Laverde😉


… and Hooker


Is this the part of the conversation where someone suggests Ambrose as a midfielder?


Do ruckmen count as midfielders?


And Francis


I won’t be happy until I know his views on the Oxford comma.