#9 Dylan Shiel


If you say so, … :smirk:


I live for the day were talking about winning our first final and everyone is going ape at the amart logo.


How long’s the Amart deal?


5 x $2mil I think was reported

If they going to keep putting up that kind of cash we might be aligned with them for longer than 5yrs.


5 years


Carlton were offering more but they chose us.


Carlton flew a luxurious, stylish and affordable 3 piece lounge setting to Mooroopna on a private helicopter and gave it foie gras.


I think you mean devastation rather than decimation.


While he’s obviously a very good clearance player I hope people aren’t expecting a Josh Kennedy type animal at the contest. He just isn’t that big and relies more on good ruck work, a good step and quick clean hands. Shiel isn’t going to come storming out of a clearances with tacklers hanging off him, though he might charge out having worked a nice one two.

Obviously he adds enormously to our midfield mix but I think we will still lean very heavily on hepp for big body work in the midfield with support to come from Myers, Langford and stringer


That’s what we prob thought with Kia 5 years ago.

These things move in waves, it won’t be long before some other company signs with another sporting club for the “richest sponsorship deal in sport” very soon.

Our next deal should be $15m over 5 years.


… with BILO


Or, … mmph, . “Bunnings”


No unforeseen snags there…

Unless they include onions.


The Speciman


Can we call him very


I really hate the fact we have blue on our jumper
The sponsors logos are a must obviously but IMO the ones that works seemlessly (like last years Kia) don’t introduce any new colours or look “slapped on”

Speed Kills was my fave followed by Nubrik




Someone needs to give him a GPS. He must be wondering where the fark everyone is and why Tulla looks so different.


Shiel has massive power in those glutes. His ability to accelerate out of stoppages and break tackles will be outstanding in 2019. Short legs and long body are ideal for clean handling of ground balls. In his case the short leg length is no impediment in terms of kicking power, he can kick goals on the full from outside 50.
Lets hope he and Belly develop a good understanding before Round 1.