#9 Dylan Shiel


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Bunnings it is.


I like this despite the fact you’re all stealing my joke


What about Mini Hulk? May catch on

Can someone Green him up?


Might have to ponder that “Persistent” angle, …

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Shiel in extended, detailed interview right now on SEN.


not that extended… it just wrapped up.

Last thing he said was that it’s his 1st pre-season he’s had fully fit and/or without off season injury or surgery.

Get hyped. Specimen gone give it to ya.


It was a long interview. It ran for over 5 minutes in all.

Most of the interview was about his time at GWS, reasons for the Essendon decision, and a lot of hypothetical questions like “if Essendon could not get the trade done, would Shiel have gone to Carlton.?”

Shiel can handle himself in interviews. No problem.


Why bother asking that question? Unless ■■■■ Carlton were giving up the #1 pick this year, they don’t have any currency. I understand they were offering the #1 pick for 2019 but GWS weren’t interested.

Yes, I know I said the 2019 #1 pick.


Because it’s inflammatory. And also probably because Millhouse is ■■■■■■■ moron and couldn’t think of anything more intelligent to ask. In fact I’m surprised he was even able to get that question out in under 7mins.


Isn’t the interviewer Andy Maher? He is a Carlton freak and is salty about Carlton missing out on Shiel.


Yes it is, yes he is, and no he’s not.


Wait for the article. “Shiel would have played for Carlton if the Bombers could not get the deal done”


Andy Maher’s pretty good in relation to rivalry with Essendon. hes a proud Carlton man but is usually pretty playful about it. not much malice in it. Has massive wraps on Franga. usually when i listen to him, hes been pretty envious of us.


FC are massive under dogs at the moment. They really cannot afford to portray themselves as superior in any way. It doesn’t mean they are happy for us to beat them at the trade table.


Surgery and injury free.

Is this a false sense of security?


It took 60 minutes for SEN to generate an article. Wait for thee others to find something out of the interview to gazump them.



New Bomber Dylan Shiel has revealed how he got through the few months in the lead up to trade period, knowing he was the talk of the town.

Shiel said he listened in to 1116 SEN – Melbourne’s home of sport – to see what people were saying about him.

“I do enjoy the footy news and if I don’t consume it, my dad’s the first to call me up because he’s an avid SEN listener,” Shiel told SEN Afternoons.

“The one thing I did do on the way to training one morning, the old man’s calling me up and telling me a few things.

“I kept telling him I don’t care and that I’m trying to focus on the week to week games

“I downloaded the SEN app which was a rookie error because first thing I do is listen to it and they’re talking about the value of myself as a player and you guys opened up the lines to the public and they just slammed me.

“So I thought okay, and turned off the radio!” Shiel said, tongue in cheek.

The 25-year-old’s fate was still up in the air in the dying stages of the trade period and Shiel said if something came out of nowhere and he ended up at one of the other three teams chasing him, he would’ve been okay with it.

“With the four clubs I was looking at, all four were going to be great decisions and Carlton had their strengths, Hawthorn and St Kilda had their strengths and Essendon were just the one that were the better fit for me in the end,” Shiel said.

“I’m happy to say I’m with the Bombers and I’m looking forward to the rest of my career here.”


Carlton Fans with a predictable reaction, typically, as Aesop said 2700 years ago: “its easy to despise what you cannot get”



I hope Carlton could’ve gotten him if we didn’t get the trade done. Makes getting him taste even sweeter.


pretty sure that guy stalks Ricky “toot toot” Nixon


You don’t even need a human to write this, the dictation software can produce this fluff. You could automate a routine. I hope some fat idiot is single finger typing it at least.