#9 Dylan Shiel



How Many Fkn Interview Dylan Shiel do?

Should we call him Ray? :thinking: (Martin)


Is that you again Dylan


He can do as many as he likes.
Every time he does one everyone is reminded that the big fish come to Essendon.


This 15 minute SEN interview is up on the Bombers home page now. I like Shiel more every time i hear him talk. Seems very down to earth. All class.


He’s a born diplomat.


Do you have a link to the Shiel interview, mate? Can’t seem to find it. Cheers :+1:t2:




His first pre season without an injury or surgery - so every other year he’s played like that with an interrupted pre season? Wow.


Will be wearing number 20 for season 2019


Wow - big shoes to fill with the shadow of the great Peter Berbakov looming large, I don’t envy the young man.


Does @budge know?



If this true? Does Stringer get 9?


Looks arrogant- the light tower I mean.


Why would you even… ?


If it is two things Carlton know a bit about its wasting money and picks…




Best Clubman 1999. The bar has been set Dylan


cough Ted Richards!


Ridiculous decision to lump that much pressure onto the kid. He’s no Tim Darcy.


Maybe he’s inspired by Glenn Kilpatrick