#9 Dylan Shiel


He would be just thankful his folks didn’t call him Andrew or Alex for example.
Lead to a shocker of a nickname.



Alex the Shiel? Didn’t the Go-Go’s write a song about him?


So, what are the chances of this guy being in the leadership group in 2019?


At the club today


I heard that if he passes the fitness test we’ll pick him up.


Any word on Stringer? he still hasnt nominated us and the Dogs say that he might stay there


The rumour is that the club has contacted him and he is a chance to become a top up.


So does he or does he not have to nominate for the draft? I’m so confused…


Do you reckon he sat next to Marty cos he’s his new locker buddy? #9


might want 20 so he can be next to the Cap’n


He sat to Marty’s right. Merrett should be worried.


Wonder if he will still have his shoulders strapped.



@barnz @Deckham @Preliminary_Point2




don’t @ me bro.

oh, wait.


Oh I’m tagging you every time from now on




Come on nickname boy do me next


cheating on trolley man already? you monster.


He’s gonna be in jail, everyone knows that’s a free pass