#9 Dylan Shiel


That probably impressed Shiel a lot. Players respect good opposition.

CD agrees with you. Shiel had a poor game by his standards but others like Cameron had an utter 'mare. Ward and Coniglio played well according to CD, but did not play well enough to beat our midfield.


i have never understood those charts and i don’t intend on starting now.


the chart’s are relatively easy to understand, they simply indicated the players rating (horizontal bars) relative to their baseline (black dot within or along side the bar). More a question of whether you chose to believe the algorithm that generates those ratings, which personally I reckon are on crack.

CD rated Grundy as the ~2nd or 3rd best Magpie in the GF, which is utter tripe.


Joe shanks the kick and misses like he normally would haha



Barely had 3 possessions that actually impacted the game and was well held in the tapping to advantage despite hitout numbers. In fact aside from a few roles players he was probably one of their most disappointing.


What about Fark Carlton’s EX GWS players? SOS reckons he cleaned up!


Correct. Getting beaten by two absolute jobbers in Vardy and Lycett tells you everything you need to know about Grundy’s day.


Cracking game of football & WC did some terrific defensive roles on key players.

Fairly certain Lycett just turns into negating stopper on Grundy post ruck contests. And obviously Sidebottom had influence limited also. By player whose name eluding me.


So far he has only 3 decent players. Plowman, Marchbank and Setterfield. Setterfield is an unknown but has great expectations, and Marchbank is not developing as expected, in fact he has gone backwards*.
*Maybe due to FC training methods, maybe due to playing in a shyte team, maybe due to injury.

In any case I am not sure whether SOS is more guilty of Insider Trading or Nepotism.


Marchbank is a good footballer.


Every player has bad days, woe betide any player who has a bad day in a GF. Just ask Tex Walker


■■■■■■ ankle and Demons history of 1st round draft pick fails.


He can play, but will he??
35 games in 4 years isn’t exactly the best record.


Probably a big part of why he went later in the draft


I think we’re talking about two different guys…


sorry, jumping around too many threads


I know a lot of folk were keen for us to get him. The facts are that he had an OK year in 2017, but in 2018 he went backwards in almost every measure. But so did Carlton as a team. Fact is, there was more incoming and the game was played a lot more in the Carlton back half and he took less marks, less contested marks, less disposals less tackles. I saw him play once and he looked “lacklustre”

If you index Marchbanks performance against Carltons in each of the 2 years, its actually possible to argue that Marchbank improved last year. Which is kind of funny.


Looking back at 2 players who were foundation GWS players. Arguably, Treloar has played his best footy at his new club. Thats especially in the case of his first year at Collingwood, when he polled 21 votes in the Brownlow. Heres hoping it is also true of Shiel.

Greater Western Sydney pair Dylan Shiel and Adam Treloar ‘pick of bunch’

Sam Landsberger, Sunday Herald Sun

November 6, 2010 1:00pm

FORGET the household names of Kevin Sheedy and Israel Folau, Greater Western Sydney has recruited two future superstars, according to their TAC Cup mentor.

Dandenong Stingrays coach Graeme Yeats said teammates Dylan Shiel and Adam Treloar, signed by the newest AFL franchise last month, would have been been pick No.1 and No.2 in next year’s national draft.

But as part of GWS’s list concessions, it has unfettered access to the best dozen 17-year-olds in the land, so it can pick the eyes out of the 2011 draft as the Gold Coast Suns did last year.

And the club couldn’t believe its luck when Shiel - a powerful midfielder in the mould of his idol Chris Judd - and Treloar - a classy playmaker with good goal sense resembling Joel Selwood - landed in its lap.

“I’m probably not going off too soon saying that, as a package, Shiel and Treloar are every bit as good as Tom Scully and Ryan (Bastinac) were at 17,” said Yeats, who has developed the pair for the past two years.

"If they came back next year as 18-year-olds, like Bastinac and Scully did, I would’ve thought one of them would go (pick) one and the other would go (pick) two, or maybe three, in the draft.

“They’re both dynamic, they’re quick, powerful and just gun footballers. They’re going to be fantastic players.”

Shiel and Treloar, who grew up passionate Carlton supporters and share a March 9 birthday, will make the trip north before GWS’s official launch on November 16.



and despite all of that Fark Carlton still couldn’t get Shiel over to them. That is still a stunning outcome.


A less favourable comparison, Shiel and Bugg. Very divergent paths for these 2 players. Shiel 36 brownlow votes Bugg 1 one highly sought after, the other clinging to a liferaft towed behind FC in 2019.

Team GWS signs Victorian duo

Author Name: admin | Posted 9:50 am on Wednesday 13th October, 2010

Team GWS continues to build on its expanding list of talented players with confirmation today that Victorian duo Dylan Shiel and Tomas Bugg have committed to GWS for the next three years.

Shiel and Bugg join GWS under the list concessions set in place by the AFL Commission, permitting the Club to select up to a dozen players born between January and April 1993.

Both Shiel and Bugg were members of the 2010 AIS AFL Academy Squad, placing them in the top 30 footballers in the country, and will now join fellow AIS teammates Tim Golds and Sam Darley, who signed with GWS earlier this year.

Shiel, 179cm and 82kg, played the later part of the TAC Cup season with the Dandenong Stingrays as a hard running midfielder, once his school football commitments were finished.

Shiel said that he was blown away by the opportunity to live out his dream of playing AFL football.

“To be honest, it’s all been pretty crazy, I’m not even sure if it’■■■■■ me yet. This is just such an amazing opportunity.

“Mum and Dad are pretty emotional about the whole thing, they’re just so happy. They’ve always been there for me since I started Auskick back when I just six years old, so they just can’t believe that it’s all really happening.

“Obviously leaving my mates and my girlfriend is going to be challenging but in the end I get to be with a whole new group of mates doing what I love.

“I remember sitting next to Kevin Sheedy on the way to South Africa earlier this year for the AIS trip and just listening to him talk about GWS he got me so excited. That was the point when I realised my heart was set on signing.”

Bugg, 184cm and 71kg, proved to be a very versatile player for Gippsland Power in the TAC Cup, fitting in well across half back, through the midfield and even pushing up to half forward.

The strong-marking on-baller, who just last year chose to pursue football ahead of a budding basketball career, said that he was thrilled with his decision to join GWS.

“I’ve virtually had a footy in my hand since I was just a one year old so I can’t believe it has finally happened. I suppose I’m relieved all of my hard work really did pay off. It’s a pretty incredible reward in the end.

“I’ve been really lucky with everything I’ve experienced by playing footy. Going to South Africa with the AIS was pretty inspiring and a huge learning experience. One of the best parts of the trip was getting to know the GWS staff so well. They were really involved from the outset so I was able to form some great relationships and interact with them.

“I’ve actually been working with John Quinn (newly appointed GWS Sports Science Manger) for the last six months now and the things he has said about the people around the club just makes me really happy that I get to be apart of this.

“I’m just really looking forward to the next few years. I’m only just finishing year 11 now and I really want to do well at school next year so I’ve decided to stay where I am and finish my 12 at Caulfield Grammar. I know that will have its own challenges but I think being away from everyone will just motivate me to work harder in a way.”

Shiel is also studying at Caulfield Grammar but is currently finishing his year 12 and will move to Sydney in November to start pre season training.

Team GWS Head Coach Kevin Sheedy travelled with Shiel and Bugg on the AIS tour back in February this year and was thrilled that both players had agreed to join GWS.

“They are both brilliant players Tom and Dylan. I think they’re a terrific mix to add to our current list.

“They have both represented Australia in their chosen sport and that in itself is a tremendous feat. I had the pleasure of getting to know the boys when we were in South Africa, they really are very impressive young men.

“What I noticed about the pair of them is their outstanding leadership qualities. They will both be incredibly important to the future success of this football club.

“Dylan and Tom are just another example of the exciting young footballers that are joining Team GWS. With just a month until we start our first pre season training, this is a very exciting time for all of us.”