#9 Dylan Shiel


Shiel looks like Crowley in that pic.


As when this was posted earlier it shows how much Sheedy had to do with the mini hulk signing with us.


Can’t wait to see this guy rip it up next season in our colours. The guy is the whole package


Interesting to note that after the initial flurry of recruiting Shiel + his first training session, news has gone quiet on Essendon’s big recruit as he quietly goes about his business. I think that’s the type of player Essendon has on their hands … the quiet assassin / the professional / death by a thousand cuts.


Irving took all the media attention. Shiel will be taking the attention back soon enough.


And then from out of nowhere Kobe Mutch dominates the pre season and goes on to win a Brownlow, Priddis like in his unassuming midfield gather and dispersal. And hair.

It could happen…


Don’t do that to Wim.


Is that billy hartung sitting next to him?


They are just saving the Shiel barrel of ink up for the lead up to R1 when it will be over the top about playing against GWS.


Also don’t do that to wim


Well he had his moment in the sun , winning the time trial. I notice Crowe said Patty Ambrose and Jok were not invited to run the time trials, as they had nothing to prove on the running track and their time would be better spent working on their footy.


Don’t you do that to Wim.


is that billy hartung drinking BOURBON?!



I reckon Jok fits in there also.


They keep churning out highlight reels.
I want to see the first in red and black.


It’ll be good to have him around Xmas as apparently he’s carving it up


Market research tells us putting ■■■■ music to highlights clips increases traffic. Boy can kick a goal that’s for certain




Particularly when you leave the commentary there as well.