#9 Dylan Shiel


Can play.


a big call but I think you are correct…

His ability to move through a contest and change direction, either he changes direction or he makes the opposition change direction or both, is exciting to watch.

There are going to be passages of play next year where he does something like that and Essendon fans are going to look at each other and giggle like giggly children.


Ball came from a bullet kick after a Francis intercept, and continues on to [insert choice of freak forward].


Personally I was picturing a McKenna/Saad mad dash zig zag combo to Shiel, but each to their own


Number 9




Dylan Shiel is high profile recruit, some may say “boom” recruit. There is little said about him in training reports, so this is what James Kelly says, talking about the trip down to Ocean Grove: ( from K Rock )

"… For many of Essendon faithful who live in the region, it will be their first chance to see star off-season recruit Dylan Shiel.

Kelly says the former Greater Western Sydney midfielder is adjusting well to his new surrounds.

“I understand as well as anyone how hard it is to come into a new club and see where you fit,” he said.

“’Are my jokes at this club funny like they were at my last club?’. It’s all an adjustment.

“He seems to have fitted in really well; he’s a great bloke and a very talented player.

“He’s contributing to the group and in meetings, and he’s super-professional, which is only good for our young players to be around as well.

“We picked him up knowing what we were getting … he hasn’t let us down at all.”

Former Cat Kelly is entering his second season as a development coach with the Bombers after retiring at the end of 2017.

“It’s going well; I really like it. It’s a really good role,” he said.

“I knew I wanted to coach when I finished (playing), so it’s the made transition really easy. I’ve just been able to slide into to being a coach.

“I work really close with (midfield coach) Hayden Skipworth who’s a great coach and someone I learn something off every day.

“I’m getting a really good apprenticeship.”



When Kel says “super-professional” I take it to mean, all business and little humour / fun


I take it to mean that he’s having trouble fitting in. Hasn’t quite figured out how he fits in this group. That he’s not up with all the subtleties that make up a group dynamic.
That the players have never seen him smile, nor talk about anything other than football and crushing the opposition.
That the players are starting to wonder whether he’s human at all, rather some sort of soulless automaton that exists only to play football and has no reference outside that.
That when the players sent round the big card for John Kilby he just stared at it, and then at the players.
‘What is this?’
‘It’s a going away card. You…you know…you sign it.’
‘And how does this help us win at the football?’
‘It doesn’t. It’s just…a nice thing to do.’
‘Then it is useless.’
And then he tore the card up right in front of them, and they had to go and get a whole new one done.

But I might be reading too much into it.



Quite the opposite according to boneo


Ha! Like it. You know, your playful scenario echoes the dust up between Stringer / Guelfi when Shiel took a cursory look and kept on walking, so you might be on to something! (:wink:)


He’s not going the full Adam Cooney then ?


Ah ha, well there you go…

“I work really close with (midfield coach) Hayden Skipworth who’s a great coach and someone I learn something off every day." James Kelly


Sack Skippy.




Legit reckon I seen him move in one street down from me in Northcote.


Never go the full Donnington.


Don’t tell me he was riding a fixie.


I would put Shiel in the leadership group



I think you’re forgetting someone pretty important…